Point Fighting Gloves

Men's Point Fighting Gloves

Sparring is an important part of any martial arts training program. It teaches timing, distance control, the application of skills, and improves reactions. Point sparring is a common type of sparring and offers a chance to learn with minimal contact. Point fighting is most common in low contact kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Karate and other light contact martial arts.

Despite the lighter contact, having the right protective gear is just as important in point fighting as it is in other types of sparring. Point fighting gloves, also known as open palm gloves or karate mits, are a central part of that gear. Point fighting gloves are the midpoint between boxing gloves and MMA gloves. Since point fighting is more about speed and control than strength, point fighting gloves are lightweight and have minimal padding while still providing protection while striking and blocking. They often have open palms and are flexible, allowing for a variety of attacks other than straight punches. Point fighting gloves are important for protecting both your hands and your opponent.

The Best Point Fighting Gloves From Top Brands

Finding the right gear that fits well is important when training or competing in martial arts and point sparring gloves are no different. Made4Fighters carries point fighting gloves and karate mitts from top brands such as Top Ten, Century, and Bytomic. Our range of high-quality point fighting gloves will keep your hands protected while point sparring. If you're looking to put together a whole point sparring kit Made4Fighters carries everything you need including head guards, mouth guards, groin guards, foot pads, shin guards and body protectors.