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Buy Juzo Knee Supports & Injury Recovery at Made4Fighters

Made4Fighters understands the importance of wrist support for MMA athletes, and offers a comprehensive range of JUZO brand supports for all areas of the body. Strengthening exercises are important for keeping the wrists healthy, but having the right specific support can give athletes peace of mind when competing. These systems are tailored to each individual's requirements - from size to style - and provide essential protection while allowing freedom of movement. Whether you need support for your wrists, elbows or even your backMade4Fighters’ selection of JUZO products are designed to provide optimum comfort and security while training and performing at your best, so you can have confidence in all that you do. 

Wrist Support

The JuzoFlex Manu Xtra Wrist support provides a tailored, secure fit that optimally stabilises and protects the wrists. Crafted with comfort in mind, it features no irritating seams around your sensitive thumb-index finger area; this helps to eliminate any creasing or constriction of the skin while you're wearing it. Its modern 3D knitting technology made from Juzo Xtra fabric promises long lasting wearability so you can achieve complete wrist protection all day! Plus - sizes ranging from extra small to extra large are available for both left and right hands – ensuring snugness whatever your size!

Elbow Support

For anyone participating in Mixed Martial Arts, elbow support is a must. Whether an athlete is new to the sport or has been competing for years, having the right kind of elbow support can make all the difference. After all, countless strikes are thrown utilizing elbows - and those same elbows endure equal force, leading to joint pain and discomfort if not managed properly. 

The JuzoFlex Epi Xtra elbow support offers superior protection and comfort - utilising the innovative, skin-friendly high-tech fabric. Crafted with breathable microfibre knit that regulates temperature and moisture to offer a comfortable wearing experience for long durations, this product is made from exclusive 3D knitting technology featuring Juzo Xtra fabric for unrivaled assistive mobility.

Back Support

The Juzo Pro Lumbal back support is an anatomically designed, versatile compression device. The sacrum pad provides a muscle-relaxing and pain-numbing effect while the friction nubs promote oxygenated circulation giving users a massage-like sensation. Easily fastened with finger pockets and covered in breathable fabric for comfort, these come equipped to xs - xxl sizes so anyone can enjoy their benefits!