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Sliders & Flip Flops

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Sliders have become all the rage for athletes of all kinds, from casual gym-goers to professional fighters.

But what's the big deal about a simple piece of fabric?

Sliders and flip flops have become a staple in many people's wardrobes thanks to their comfort and ease. These shoes require minimal effort to slip on and off, making them perfect for quickly running errands or lounging around at home. Flip Flops and sliders, those comfortable, slip-on sandals popularised by Chuck Liddell and other MMA fighters, have become a fashion staple in the MMA world mainly during weigh-ins and post-fight showers, but they also provide a much-needed break for tired feet after rigorous training sessions. Plus, with their minimalist design and customizable straps, sliders offer a stylish alternative to traditional flip flops. It's no surprise that these versatile shoes have become so popular among MMA fighters and fans alike. Chuck Liddell may have started the trend, but it looks like sliders are here to stay.

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Made4Fighters offers a selection of flip flops and sliders from RVCA and TATAMI. Not only do these brands offer stylish options, but some are also made out of vegan materials that are both ethical and environmentally friendly. And don't worry about finding the right fit - we offer a range of sizes so everyone can feel comfortable in their new summer shoes. From beach days to lazy Sundays, there's nothing better than throwing on a comfortable pair of sliders and letting your feet breathe. 

Ready for any season the Tatami footwear collection expands with the Blackout sliders. Whether you're taking them out for comfort or as an accompaniment to the gym, we have developed these sliders to maximise fit, style and comfort. The Blackout sliders are slip-on with a sturdy manmade construction, with a an all black strap that includes an embossed rubber Tatami logo.