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Boxing Paddles

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What are Boxing paddles used for?

Boxing paddles are a training tool used in boxing and fitness workouts. The padded mitt is held by a partner, typically the trainer or coach, while the boxer practices throwing punches. The targeted hand shape and padding provide resistance against the punches, helping to strengthen and improve the boxer's technique and power. In addition, the pad holder can call out specific combinations and movements to add variety to boxing workouts.

Focus mitts can also be used by athletes looking to improve their hand-eye coordination and punching skills, as well as for general fitness training for anyone looking for a challenging full body workout. Overall, boxing paddles with a handle offer numerous benefits for boxing enthusiasts and fitness enthusiasts alike.

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Are you looking to train like a professional boxer? Look no further than our selection of boxing paddles at Made4Fighters. We offer a range of brands, including Elion, Fairtex, Bytomic and Fumetsu. These paddles are perfect for boxing training, as they provide protection for both the trainer and the boxer during drills. Whether you're working on your jabs or enhancing your footwork, boxing paddles can help improve both technique and fitness. Take your boxing routine to the next level with our variety of options at Made4Fighters.

5 ways Boxing Paddles can help you train

1. They improve your punching power and accuracy.
2. They help you to develop a powerful jab.
3. They increase your stamina and footwork.
4. They are great for core training and toning up your body.
5. Boxing paddles make an excellent addition to any boxing or fitness routine

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