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Venum x UFC

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Venum x UFC Official Fightwear and Walkout Clothing

Back in 1993, the same year it hosted its first event, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC, burst onto the scene. The idea behind this fighting league was quite intriguing – they aimed to bring together fighters from a wide array of backgrounds and martial arts to see which fighting style was the most effective. In those early days, they were still fine-tuning the rules, and that led to the unique form of mixed martial arts (MMA) we're familiar with today.

Nowadays, the UFC is a major force in the world of combat sports. It's a global stage where new talent from all over keeps emerging. They're constantly innovating and have managed to make it one of the most exhilarating types of combat sports out there.

UFC x Venum Collaboration 

So, the team-up between Venum and the UFC is a big deal in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) world. It's all about Venum showing its commitment to MMA. The UFC announced its collaboration with Venum, a well-known combat sports and martial arts brand, in July 2020. However, the partnership officially began in April 2021.

Recently, UFC and Venum dropped their Fight Night Walkout apparel line, and it's been a huge hit. The designs are some of the most striking we've seen in combat sports gear, really meant to help fighters tap into their fighting mojo. The collection's bold, adrenaline-pumping style and eye-catching prints have everyone excited and waiting to see what other awesome MMA designs they'll come up with next.

Shop the UFC range at Made4Fighters

At Made4Fighters, the biggest MMA store in the UK, we're excited to showcase our collection from the UFC x Venum collaboration. 

Our range of Venum apparel features items such as t-shirts, rash guards, spats, joggers, hoodies, caps, vale tudo shorts, and more, all designed to keep you looking stylish as you take in all the action. Additionally, our collection includes essential equipment like boxing gloves and MMA gloves.

Venum, as the premier brand for the UFC, features some of the most renowned athletes, including Valentina Shevchenko. She's the top-ranked female fighter in MMA and proudly wears Venum gear both inside and outside the ring.

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