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Kids Martial Arts

Kids martial arts training is a great activity for children and young adults. Beyond just being fun, teaching your children martial arts is valuable for a number of reasons:

  1. STAYING HEALTHY & ACTIVE - Essential to the well being, confidence & happiness of any child is their health & weight. Almost 10% of children in their first year of school are now obese in the UK & this is continuing to rise. Kids martial arts training combats childhood obesity, helping keep young people healthy and active.

  2. CONFIDENCE & SELF RESPECT - Let's not forget, kids martial arts also teach respect for others. Training with older more experienced artists will help children gain a tremendous amount of confidence & self respect. Not only this, but they will be learning the skills that could help them if ever a bad situation were to arise.

  3. DISPUTE/CONFLICT RESOLUTION - Building on their newfound respect for their self and for others, children’s martial art can also help them learn to find a simple resolution to any conflict.Perhaps counter-intuitively, this respect also allows them to resolve conflicts that may arise without the need for a physical confrontation.

  4. CONNECT MIND & BODY - They'll learn to listen to their body, and think quickly with their reactions. The best martial arts for kids will help improve reflexes, quick thinking, and mental toughness.