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Welcome to our range of official Bytomic martial arts and fitness equipment here at Made4Fighters. Over the last two decades, Bytomic have earned their reputation as a leading manufacturer of all things fitness and martial arts related, and are now recognised as one of the largest suppliers in the United Kingdom for outstanding gear and equipment.

If you’re looking for first-rate and affordable Bytomic fitness equipment for use in a home gym, or martial arts supplies for your dojo or school, you’re in the right place. Kick your fitness regime into gear, and hone your physical prowess through the use of our intricately crafted and thoroughly tested Bytomic gear; designed to be hard-wearing and safe.

Boxing Gloves

The Bytomic Axis V2 boxing gloves offer a big step forward in fit and durability over the original Axis design. These punching gloves are ideal for sparring, with a moisture-wicking liner and mesh palm for a comfortable fit throughout your training sessions. These Bytomic gloves are available in multiple colors and sizes, and Made4Fighters offers versions for men, women and kids.

Bytomic’s Legacy boxing gloves are made from a durable matte cowhide leather and is without a doubt our best fitting glove to date. These sparring gloves offer a comfortable and protective multi-layer injection moulded foam core, and are available in multiple sizes and colors including black and white

The Bytomic Performer V4 boxing gloves have been a best seller for almost 10 years! The latest version features improved materials such as a high density injection molded foam core, a durable carbon effect synthetic leather, and a breathable palm area. These Bytomic boxing gloves were designed in the UK and are available in multiple colors including Black, White, Blue and Red available for adults and kids.

Karate Gloves

Bytomic’s Tournament Pro Glove is a moulded foam, semi-contact closed finger glove, ideal for sparring. These karate gloves have a grip design that covers the fingers. Available in Blue, Black and Red.

Martial Arts Equipment and Sparring Accessories

Kick Shields

Bytomic’s classic straight kick shield is made with high density foam covered in a heavy duty vinyl. It includes two holding positions and one grip handle on the back. The curved kick shield variant is made from the same material in a curved shape, and includes two vertical holding straps and one horizontal grip handle on the back. Both designs are suitable for a variety of martial arts.

Focus Pads

Bytomic’s Legacy focus pads are constructed of cowhide leather for a quality finish. These premium martial arts pads have been designed with an ergonomic hand compartment and an impact absorbing foam core. The wrist strap provides a secure fit and the padded rear hand area allows for light counter striking by the coach. Also available in kids sizes.

The Legacy punch cushion is another in Bytomic’s line of boxing focus pads. These durable boxing punch cushions are suitable for a wide array of punches, uppercuts and hooks. Due to the cushion design and the foam core more of the force is absorbed through the body and strain is reduced on the pad holder wrists, hands and forearms. Perfect for those heavy hitters!

Bytomic’s Axis punch cushion is designed as a versatile striking tool for Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai. Its dual handles offer a multi-angular training experience and are also excellent for punches, kicks and knees. When compared to traditional focus mitts or thai pads, these punching targets allow more force to be absorbed through the body and help reduce strain on the pad holders wrists, hands and forearms.

Bytomic’s Smartie Pads are our best selling focus pads. Small enough to transport around but big on impact, these Bytomic pads are made from heavy duty vinyl and covered with high impact foam padding. Sold in pairs and made in the UK! The iconic Smartie Pads are now available in the distinctive Bytomic red label, with two stylish color combinations to choose from - black on black and a classic combination of black and white.

Bytomic’s decades of martial arts expertise culminate in their Red Label Focus Mitts—superior pieces crafted for speed and agility. The slip-on design ensures a comfortable fit every time, allowing you to train intensively without worries about overheating. With the durable synthetic leather construction lasting round after round, these mitts are ideal for both boxing or kickboxing enthusiasts looking for quality performance at an economical price point!

The Bytomic Red-Label Focus Paddle is an excellent training tool for speed and accuracy. Featuring a double layer of dense foam padding covered with durable leather, these handheld taekwondo pads feature a contoured handle with elastic wrist strap.

Martial Arts Practice Weapons

Made4Fighters stocks various martial arts training gear depending on your discipline. Practice weapons such as escrima sticks, foam kamas, foam nunchaku, foam bos and foam tonfas are sold only for martial arts training under expert supervision in a closed environment, or for collection or display purposes.

Protective Apparel

Shin Guards

The Bytomic Axis V2 shin guards and Axis V2 shin instep guards are designed to offer exceptional protection for martial arts practitioners during training and sparring. They have been designed with a new and improved ergonomic fit to ensure comfort and stability during use.

In addition, the Performer shin guards are designed to offer exceptional protection during training and sparring whilst being lightweight. They have been designed with a new and improved ergonomic fit to ensure comfort and stability during use. And for those looking for karate gear for official tournaments, Made4Fighters offers a Karate shin instep guard in blue and red.

Knee and Elbow Guards

An essential set of protective equipment for combat sports, sparring and martial arts, Bytomic padded elbow guards and padded knee guards provide soft foam padding for parts of the body that tend to absorb the hardest impacts. These pads are fully elasticated with a velcro strap for a secure fit.

Increase your confidence with Bytomic Red Label Elasticated Elbow Guards. These protective pieces of gear are made from durable and comfortable material so you can train without worry, while their hook-and-loop straps keep them firmly placed on your arms with no slippage. Best of all, they come in a variety of colors including black and white at an affordable price! So get ready to take training to the next level - grab yourself some elbow guards that match any look or mood today!

Groin Guards

Bytomic classic groin guard provides protection and support. In addition, the deluxe groin guard is designed for wearing on both the inside and outside of martial arts uniforms.

Guard Bras

The Cool Guard Bra is suitable for protection against painful knocks from all sports such as rugby, hockey, and football, and is also excellent for jogging in instances where breast weight can cause shoulder strain. It supports the breasts and holds them firmly in the natural position. University tests proved this bra to be one of the best sports bras on the market. The Cool Guard inserts provide hard plastic protection that can be removed depending on the level of expected contact. 

The Maxi Guard Sports Vest is the leading chest guard for active sports women, ideal for martial arts, soccer, fencing and hockey. The maxi vest has plenty of stretch, so the vest is fitted first, and includes a protective insert that fits between the front layers of fabric and removed after training. The Maxi Guard is lightweight, flexible and provides ample protection for female athletes.

Foot Guards

The Performer Point Sparring Kick foot pads utilise a lightweight design that offers maximum speed and manoeuvrability during sparring. Featuring dense foam padding and durable Carbon effect synthetic leather, these foot guards offer excellent foot protection for Kickboxing, Karate, Tae Kwon Do and more. Available in multiple sizes and color options.

The Bytomic Tournament Pro Kick is a moulded foam semi-contact kick perfect for sparring. Made with artificial leather and extremely durable construction, these foot guards are available in black, red and blue in multiple foot sizes. 

The Axis V2 Point Fighter Kick is designed to last through your toughest sparring sessions. Featuring durable synthetic leather and dense foam padding, these kicks are made to last. The Axis foot guards use a secure velcro figure of 8 strap to provide a secure fit and are suitable for Kickboxing, Karate, and Taekwondo training exercises. Available in multiple sizes and color options.

Gum Shields

The Bytomic gum shield is a new improved design developed to provide optimum comfort and protection throughout any martial art fight. For entry level fighters, rest assured that this gum shield will keep everything in place and protect your teeth, so you can focus on learning and developing your skills. Choose from adult-sized gum shields, and junior gum shields, both available in a variety of color options.

Bytomic also offers a double gum shield meant to protest both upper and lower teeth during sparring sessions. These basic teeth and gum protectors are clear and one size fits all.

Martial Arts Apparel

Muay Thai Shorts

The Bytomic Twin Tiger Muay Thai shorts are made with a satin material and a traditional Thai inspired design. The fully sublimated print includes the traditional Thai Sak Yant Tattoo of Twin Tigers, popular with Muay Thai fighters and a symbol of strength, power and conviction. The wide elasticated waistband keeps these shorts securely on the hips while the side slits ensure you have full range of movement.

Contact Pants

Bytomic contact pants are a classic contact pant that are easy and comfortable to wear. Featuring a 35/65 polycotton blend for easy care, these relaxed contact pants are available in black and white colours, as well as in kids sizes of the same colors. The double stripe contact pants add a simple double stripe down the legs for a clean fashion.

Kickboxing Pants

Kick up your kickboxing routine with Bytomic Performer V2 Kickboxing Pants! Crafted from an ultra-lightweight satin fabric and punctuated by the iconic Bytomic logo and stars, these trousers offer a comfortable fit plus ultimate security courtesy of their wide elastic waistband. Whether you're just starting out or already have your black belt – these pants are perfect for any martial arts enthusiast; making them ideal too as part of school's club uniform.

The Bytomic Mesh Kickboxing Pants feature a polycotton blend with mesh breathable panels to help keep you cool during training and competition alike. The pants include an elasticated waistband with a drawstring and the words “Kick Boxing” down the side of the leg. The Mesh kickboxing pants are available in black/grey or black/red.

Bytomic V3 Team Kickboxing Pants represent the pinnacle of kickboxing design and fashion. These high quality kickboxing pants feature a smooth satin finish, an elasticated waistband and include the Bytomic logo on the leg. Available in red/black, blue/black and black/grey for both adults and kids sizes.

Sparring Helmets

The Bytomic Axis V2 Head Guard is a new and improved dense foam padding mould designed to last through your toughest sparring sessions. Featuring an open face design with cheek protection, this head guard provides excellent protection whilst maintaining optimum field of vision. Its lightweight construction offers maximum speed and manoeuvrability during sparring with an adjustable rear hook and loop closure to ensure a customizable and tight fit. The Axis V2 Head Guard is suitable for Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA and more!

Martial Arts Uniforms

For Karate

The "Red Dragon Champion" is a super heavyweight Karate uniform with a classic Japanese Cut and featuring shorter length sleeves and trousers. It includes a full 3/4 length jacket plus extra rows of stitches for that heavier snap! Available in Kids and Adult sizes.