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Rowing Machines

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Indoor rowing machines are the ideal fitness equipment for low impact exercise aimed at strengthening your arm and shoulder muscles. Rowing machine workouts are a great form of aerobic exercise with the added benefit of building strength, toning muscle and improving flexibility.

Made4Fighter stocks a variety of Hammer fitness rowing machines for all your needs. Whether you're a budding athlete or just beginning your journey into the world of fitness, our selection of professional-grade rowing machines offer the perfect combination of build quality and affordability. Get ready to jump on the rowing machine bandwagon and start feeling stronger today with the Hammer Ocean One Rowing Machine.

Beat the gloomy weather by creating your own oasis of fitness at home! With Ocean One's realistic water resistance, you can make every rowing session an opportunity to move closer towards your health and wellness goals. Enjoy multimedia support as a part of this dynamic experience - with its adjustable holder, simply position your tablet or smartphone for maximum convenience. Feel the power in each stroke and measure progress through recovery pulse measurements featuring a designated fitness grade – all included within this single device!

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