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Compression Shorts & Vale Tudo Shorts

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An Introduction to the Sport of Vale Tudo

Vale Tudo, a combat sport that's big in Brazil, is often seen as the forerunner of mixed martial arts. It's a bit controversial, but you can't deny its influence on modern martial arts. The thing with Vale Tudo is, it's pretty much all-out combat with hardly any rules. This means the fighters don't have a lot of protection, which is why some advertisers and promoters are stepping back from it. In most places, it's kind of gone underground. But hey, on a lighter note, Vale Tudo shorts? They're not just for this sport – you can totally use them for other martial arts too!

Compression Shorts for Martial Arts

If you're into martial arts, you really should think about adding compression shorts to your kit. They're super handy as a base layer under your uniform or gi or to be used for grappling in MMA. Why? Well, they're great at pulling sweat away from your body and stopping any annoying chafing. Plus, most of them are made from this quick-drying, anti-microbial material, so you stay comfy while training. The snug fit means they won't get in your way or shift around, no matter how intense your training gets.

And a little pro tip: wearing them under your fight shorts when grappling is a smart move to keep everything, well, appropriately covered. Trust me, it's a good call!

If you prefer a separate groin protector, wearing compression shorts over top can provide even more stability and protection.

Shop Made4 Fighters Vale Tudo and Compression Shorts

At Made4Fighters, we've got an amazing selection of compression shorts that are perfect for Vale Tudo and other versatile uses. Our collection is top-notch, featuring outstanding Vale Tudo compression shorts from leading brands like Fumetsu, Bytomic, Manto, Scramble, Shock Doctor, Venum, and many more