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Muay Thai Gloves

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Got a passion for Muay Thai? Then you know you need gloves that are up to the task. Muay Thai boxing gloves aren't just any old gloves – they're your trusty sidekicks for the intense world of traditional Muay Thai fighting. They're built to cushion the blow in full-contact sparring, giving you the protection you need when you're going toe-to-toe with knees and elbows flying.

These gloves are all about coverage, control, and a whole lot of cushion. With a design that's got your back (and your hands), you can throw those punches knowing you've got the stability to land them just right. And let's talk about movement – because what's a good fight without the freedom to move? These gloves are shaped to let you wrap up and protect your hands while still keeping you quick and agile.

Shop Muay Thai Boxing Gloves At Made4Fighters

Looking for the ultimate gloves to match your Thai boxing vibe? Swing by Made4Fighters, where we've got the biggest stash of martial arts goodies in the UK. Whether you're all about the flash of Venum or the cool factor of Fumetsu, we've got you covered with a rainbow of colors, snazzy designs, and all the sizes you could want, from a nimble 8 ounces up to a hefty 18 ounces. And hey, if you're riding the vegan wave, we've got something special for you too, so you can throw punches with pride and stay true to what you believe in. Get ready to bring some extra flair to your Thai boxing sessions with our killer collection of gloves!

The very best Muay Thai equipment from Ringside, Venum and Rival

Want to take your Muay Thai skills up a notch? Come explore our selection of specialty equipment and apparel! We offer everything from punch bags and head guards, to instep guards and protective gear - we have it all. And if you're looking for something different, check out the training essentials in our Karate, Kickboxing, BJJ MMA & Boxing departments. Get ready to level-up with us today!

Muay Thai Gloves FAQ

What makes Muay Thai gloves different from regular boxing gloves?

Muay Thai gloves are designed with versatility in mind to accommodate the diverse techniques of Muay Thai. They often have a more flexible wrist area for clinching maneuvers and a wider head to protect against kicks, knees, and elbows. The padding distribution is also tailored not just for punching but for absorbing the impact of various strikes, making them distinct from the more fist-centric design of regular boxing gloves.

How do I choose the right size of Muay Thai gloves for me?

Choosing the right size of Muay Thai gloves depends on your body weight and the level of protection you need. Gloves are typically sized in ounces, with lighter gloves (around 8-12 ounces) for those under 140 pounds, and heavier gloves (14-18 ounces) for those over 150 pounds. If you're sparring, heavier gloves are recommended for extra protection.

Tip: Always try them on with hand wraps and make sure they fit snugly with enough room to flex and make a fist.

Can I use Muay Thai gloves for regular boxing or other martial arts?

Yes, you can use Muay Thai gloves for regular boxing, but they may not be perfect for all martial arts. Muay Thai gloves are versatile enough for the punching aspect of boxing, though they might feel different due to the distribution of padding. For other martial arts that don't involve striking, like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Judo, gloves aren't typically used. However, for striking-based martial arts like Karate or Taekwondo, which have different rules and techniques, specific gloves designed for those sports might be more appropriate.

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