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Groin Guards


We’re committed to providing solutions for all of your MMA protection needs, and we recognise how important it is to be properly equipped with suitable protective gear before getting into the ring or beginning any type of competitive physical training. This is never more true than when it comes to MMA groin guards, an area where you never want to be without. Groin guards form part of a crucial protective set-up, and we recognise that groin guards must also offer more than just outstanding protection. Alongside ultimate protection, groin guards should also not hinder a fighter’s movement, be lightweight, robust and as comfortable as scientifically possible.

Fantastic range of MMA groin guards at Made4Fighters

Explore Made4Fighters’ range of performance groin guards from the likes of Venum and Hayabusa, constructed in part from cutting-edge thermograde polyester, these groins guards can bring you the best of both worlds, and keep you free from any unwanted injuries in a particularly vulnerable area. Our groin guards are capable of performing in almost any environment, but they have been specially engineered to be worn with MMA compression shorts; offering both comfort and peace of mind to fighters. You’re going to want to make sure you’re sporting more than just a groin guard, for all of our MMA protection needs, head on over to Made4Fighters’ MMA protection range, where you can find first-rate protective gear covering all bases - such as MMA gloves, MMA foot pads and MMA head guards.