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Knee & Elbow Pads

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Elbow guards are often under-utilised in many combat sport disciplines. For MMA and Muay Thai, elbow pads are a fundamental part of the protective gear. But there are many other disciplines that require arm and elbow protection. Judo & BJJ fighters can fall or be thrown on the mat during a training or competitive session, exposing their arms & elbows to risk of injury. Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing & Karate carry the same risk of falling during a sparring session. Keep yourself protected with elbow guards in each of these disciplines. Our selection of elbow guards for women, are designed to provide the perfect fit and optimal comfort. You can focus on technique, speed and movement without worrying about injury.


One of the most common injuries in MMA are elbow, knees and ankles. So it’s crucial that you are adequately protected against falls and heavy throw-downs. When choosing knee & elbow pads, make sure they are tight enough to stay in place during any training or competitive session. But at the same time, not too tight that they impact blood circulation and become uncomfortable. Although most protection for the knee, elbows and arms are one generic size, certain brands design knee & elbow pads for fighters who have larger or small arms. Try the knee & elbow pads for comfort before buying, it’s not just how snug they fit but also the fabric can determine how freely you can move while wearing them.


Knee guards are most commonly used after an injury has already been sustained. To prevent further harm to the weakened knee. But it’s worth using knee pads as a regular part of your protective gear during training or competition to prevent these injuries for ever happening in the first instance.

Particularly during a grappling session, you are often thrown up again a cage and your knees can take a heavy beating. The knees are a sensitive part of the body and this rough element to combat sports can invite long-term knee issues. By using knee pads for protection we can prevent these long-term issues from developing.

Protective gear is not something that should be compromised for any female fighter, at any level. Choose the right size, design and fabric for you. Once you have taken care of your knees, elbows and arms, head on over to our dedicated protective gear section for women. There you’ll find a range of boxing gloves, MMA gloves, foots pads, point fighting gloves, hand wraps, head guards, mouth guards & more to stay safe from injury during any practice.