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Idee Pure Soaps

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Idee Pure is an artisan soaping company that specialises in crafting natural, handmade soaps created with a cold process method. They offer a variety of Charcoal Bars that are activated and fit for every skin type - dry, oily, combination and normal. These Charcoal Bars are made of activated charcoal and essential oils to help cleanse and detoxify your skin while keeping it hydrated. Their other products include natural Cold Process soaps made with plant-based oils like coconut which have moisturising effects on the skin. Not only do Idee Pure's Charcoal Bar and Cold Process soaps moisturise the skin, but they also provide gentle exfoliation without harsh chemicals. This allows customers to experience an alternative to general skincare products that can take better care of their skin.

Idee Pure Charcoal Soap for Athletes

With these items, athletes can not only nourish their skin but also nurture it since each item is specifically designed to promote smoother skin and better conditioning for athletes who have regular contact with dirt or equipment both before and after workouts. Additionally, athletes don't have to worry about harsh chemicals in Idee Pure's offerings since each product is all-natural without harmful additives that can damage athletes' skin or stunt progress toward their desired accomplishments on the playing field.

Made4Fighters is not just a great place to find mma and boxing merchandise, we also carry an impressive selection of charcoal soap bars. The Idea pure charcoal soap bars come in three refreshing scents: peppermint and tea tree, lemon and ginger, or a good ol' classic- the pure charcoal bar. No matter what scent you choose you can depend on it to detoxify your skin and provide essential nutrients that help keep your skin healthy and glowing. Whether used as part of the daily washing routine or occasionally for a deep cleanse- these pre-cut soap bars are the perfect addition to any bathroom!

Charcoal Soap vs Regular Soap 

Charcoal soap is quickly becoming a popular alternative to regular soap, due in part to its touted health benefits. Charcoal soap is most often used for facial cleansing because it can draw toxins from the skin, aiding in unclogging pores and providing numerous other massive benefits to your skin. As an added bonus, charcoal soap has been known to absorb oil from the skin and exfoliate away dead skin cells. Rather than relying on potentially toxic chemical additives found in regular soaps, charcoal soaps are a gentle and natural solution that can help improve the look and feel of your facial skin.