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Women's Boxing Gloves

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Women's Boxing Gloves

Welcome to our fantastic range of women's boxing gloves. Boxing gloves are essential for sparring, working the bag and competitive bouts; designed to protect both you and your opponents from injury. Our line of ladies boxing gloves has been developed meticulously over the years to combine durability, comfort, speed and protection, with the unique demands of the sport in mind. Boxing gloves are available in different weight specifications, and whether you want to wear heavy gloves or lighter gloves depends on your fitness levels and also the type of workout you want to undertake, for instance; heavier gloves will challenge a fighter by ensuring a greater expenditure of energy, but will result in more impactful blows.

Made4Fighters are Europe’s leading online store for all things combat sports. We strive to offer the very latest in women's boxing gloves & bag gloves from the world’s top contenders, including Venum, Ringside Boxing, Adidas Combat Sports, Bad Boy and Sandee. With so many options to choose from, and a number of different types of women's boxing gloves; it can sometimes be overwhelming for new boxers to find the perfect pair of gloves. As it’s absolutely vital that you’re paired with suitable, well-fitting gloves for any combat sport; we’d recommend keeping the following tips in mind.

Choosing the right boxing gloves

First up, measuring; it’s a good idea to know your hand circumference before buying gloves for boxing and muay thai, which will give you an idea of the weight of glove that you should be looking for. As a rough estimate, boxers with a hand circumference of between 6-7.5” should look for 12 ounce gloves, between 7.5”-8.5” 14 ounces, 8.5-9.5” 16 ounces and above that 18 or 20 ounce gloves. Always make sure that when it comes to trying on your gloves to test for fit, to do so when wearing hand wraps to give you a true idea of the glove’s fit.

Secondly, boxing gloves are available in different weight specifications, typically between 10oz and 18oz options. So the weight of your boxing glove will depend on your personal fitness levels and the type of workout you are undertaking. For instance, a lighter glove is best for athletes looking to train their technique and movement, or for beginners that want to work on their muscle development. A heavier glove is best for fighters that are used to a greater expenditure of energy and want to be able to deal more impactful blows.

Once you’ve got size and weight figured out, think about whether you’re going to need bag gloves, sparring gloves or specialised muay thai boxing gloves.

  • Bag gloves, as the same suggests, are used when working with a heavy bag, and are designed to protect the bones and ligaments in your hand, without worrying about providing protection for the bag.
  • Sparring gloves are engineered to protect both you and your sparring partner with superior cushioning properties.
  • Muay Thai gloves typically feature a slightly altered design, allowing for greater range of motion and enhanced flexibility, crucial to allowing muay thai fighters to perform clinches.

In addition to our top quality line of ladies boxing gloves, we also offer a massive selection of quality MMA fight gloves, featuring innovative, game-changing technology and premium materials to ensure that they’ll last all 12-rounds as you go the distance. Once you’re gloved up, it’s time to diversify your workout routines to incorporate sessions with a punch bag and grappling dummy, allowing you to sharpen your techniques and prepare the body & mind for competition. For even more from the world of boxing, why not head over to browse our entire line-up of boxing & thai boxing clothing and equipment; which includes official gear from heavyweight brands such as Ringside Boxing, Adidas Combat Sports and Nike Boxing. We also have a huge range of boxing boots, a whole host of supports and martial arts uniforms for each discipline - from kung fu to karate and everything in-between.