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Boxing Gloves


Boxing gloves are essential for sparring, working the bag and competitive bouts; designed to protect both you and your opponents from injury. Boxing gloves have been developed meticulously over the years to combine durability, comfort, speed and protection, with the unique demands of the sport in mind. Boxing gloves are available in different weight specifications, and whether you want to wear heavy gloves or lighter gloves depends on your fitness levels and also the type of workout you want to undertake, for instance; heavier gloves will challenge a fighter by ensuring a greater expenditure of energy, but will result in more impactful blows. Made4Fighters has high-quality boxing gloves for both men and women. Choose from the likes of Bad Boy, Sandee, Fairtex, Hayabusa and Venum boxing gloves, amongst others. It’s absolutely essential that younger boxers develop the habit of always wearing well-fitting boxing gloves before any type of boxing workout, which is why Made4Fighters supplies premium boxing gloves for juniors at a fantastic price point.

The very best boxing equipment from Venum, Sandee and Fairtex

We offer so much more than just boxing gloves in our extensive section of boxing equipment, and we invite you to head on over to our dedicated department of Boxing equipment, where you can find boxing head guards, boxing pad gloves, punch bags, gum shields and protective gear suitable for the sport of boxing.

If you’re focused on training in another combat sports discipline, we also have available a whole host of training gear and apparel for Karate, Kickboxing, BJJ, MMA and Muay Thai. Shop the likes of Thai boxing gloves, mma gloves, sparring gloves & bag gloves with Made4fighters.

If you're looking to put your new boxing gloves into action straight away, you may wish to explore our full range of excellent boxing punch bags to finish off your boxing kit. Or if you're not sure which are the Best Boxing Gloves to choose, head over to our Best Sellers section to see what's popular.