MMA Training Gloves

Find the Right MMA Gloves

Dedicated MMA gloves form part of the MMA fighter’s core uniform. As one of the most important items of MMA equipment you’ll ever own, it’s crucial to invest in a first-rate pair of MMA gloves, which will repay you tenfold over time. MMA gloves are designed to be lightweight with open fingers. They make great grappling gloves, allowing for the wearer to initiate grapples or intricate holds, making clinching and submission possible whilst still having hand protection. The weight of a pair of MMA gloves can vary, and each style of fighter will have their own preference. Here at Made4Fighters, we have MMA gloves in a number of different sizes and weights, including the 4 ounce MMA glove, one of the most popular MMA glove weights used in the UFC and other MMA sports.

Boxing Gloves VS MMA Gloves

While boxing and Mixed Martial Arts are both fighting sports, the gloves they use are different. Boxing gloves are more heavily padded than MMA gloves. This protects the boxer's hands from the repeated impact while punching. MMA gloves are much sleeker by comparison, making other techniques used in MMA easier. MMA gloves also leave the fighter's fingers separate and mobile to make grappling possible while boxing gloves keep the fingers together to make the fist more stable. Both boxing gloves and MMA gloves are very good at what they are designed to do. It's important to choose the right gloves for the sport you are participating in.

The Latest MMA Gloves From Venum & Century Martial Arts

A good pair of MMA gloves should obviously provide protection, but it’s also important to afford the wearer flexibility, grip, and comfort, even during the most intense bouts. When you’re being pushed to your absolute limits, it’s vital that you can rely on your MMA gloves to rise to the occasion. Made4Fighters’ collection of outstanding MMA gloves boast the latest engineering technology and supreme comfort, whilst being available in a huge range of striking colours. There’s simply no better place to shop for MMA gloves. If you’re looking for MMA hand wraps to combine with your MMA gloves, head on over to browse Made4Fighters’ excellent range of MMA hand wraps. Made4Fighters are proud to be a leading online retailer of all things MMA, why not explore our full range of fantastic MMA Shorts, MMA Rashguards and MMA Shin Guards as well as equipment such as punch bags.