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Datsusara Hemp Backpacks and Gym Bags

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19 products


The highest price is £205.00

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19 products

  • Datsusara TPB Tripping Paraphernalia Bag
  • Datsusara Raincover
  • Datsusara Hemp 62L Pro Gear Bag
  • Datsusara Hemp 29L Gear Bag
  • Datsusara Hemp 66L Battlepack Pro Backpack
  • Black Datsusara Hemp 45L Battlepack Core Backpack
  • Datsusara Hemp BattlePack 28L Mini Backpack
  • Datsusara Hemp Battlepack 16L BackpackDatsusara Hemp Battlepack 16L Backpack
    Sold out
    Datsusara Hemp Battlepack 16L Backpack
  • Datsusara Hemp For Victory T-ShirtDatsusara Hemp For Victory T-Shirt
    • small
    • medium
    • large
    • xl
    • xxl
    Sold out
    Datsusara Hemp For Victory T-Shirt
  • Datsusara TB Tote BagDatsusara TB Tote Bag
    Sold out
    Datsusara TB Tote Bag
  • Datsusara PYB Pure Yoga BagDatsusara PYB Pure Yoga Bag
    Sold out
    Datsusara PYB Pure Yoga Bag
  • Datsusara JRFP Joe Rogan Fanny PackDatsusara JRFP Joe Rogan Fanny Pack
    Sold out
    Datsusara JRFP Joe Rogan Fanny Pack
  • Datsusara Accessory StrapDatsusara Accessory Strap
    Sold out
    Datsusara Accessory Strap
  • Datsusara Hemp Fight ShortsDatsusara Hemp Fight Shorts
    • 30" (small)
    • 32" (medium)
    • 34" (large)
    • 36" (xl)
    • 38" (xxl)
    Sold out
    Datsusara Hemp Fight Shorts
  • Datsusara Warrior Of Peace BagDatsusara Warrior Of Peace Bag
    Sold out
    Datsusara Warrior Of Peace Bag
  • Datsusara Nasty Bag
    • pro
    • core
    • mini
    Sold out
    Datsusara Nasty Bag
    From £7.99
  • Datsusara SB Hemp Spartan BagDatsusara SB Hemp Spartan Bag
    Sold out
    Datsusara SB Hemp Spartan Bag
  • Datsusara GBC03 Hemp Core Bag BlackDatsusara GBC03 Hemp Core Bag Black
    Sold out
    Black Datsusara Hemp Core Bag
  • Datsusara JRUB02 Hemp Joe Rogan Utility Bag BlackDatsusara JRUB02 Hemp Joe Rogan Utility Bag Black
    Sold out
    Black Datsusara Hemp Joe Rogan Utility Bag

Our team of experts have selected this range of Datsusara Hemp Backpacks and Gym Bags all available with Made4Fighters price match promise and next day delivery options.

Shop Datsusara Bags and Gear at Made4Fighters

Datsusara is a Japanese phrase meaning "to leave the salaried/corporate worker's life". Datsusara was founded in 2007 and has a singular goal, to make truly functional, high quality gear.

Datsusara bags and gear is manufactured to be as strong and versatile as military gear, while also incorporating the most functional textiles nature has to offer. They often use green materials like hemp and bamboo, which are not only extremely durable but also breathable and anti-microbial.

Much of the Datsusara backpacks and other Datsusara gear was originally designed specifically for the MMA practitioner’s needs and this remains at our core. But they also make gear for anyone seeking a unique, durable, high quality product to get them through the adventures of life. Whether in the cage, on vacation or simply dealing with a daily commute, we have the gear to get you through.

This gear is not for everyone. It’s not essential gear, but you’ll discover it’s the gear that you’ve always wanted. If you’re tired of “making do” with what’s on the market Datsusara is for you.

Why Hemp?

  • Hemp is the ultimate natural fiber for making bags and apparel, it is the worls strongest natural fiber as it's tensile strength is up to 4x that of cotton.
  • Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial and kills the growth of fungi and bacteria, it is also hypo allergenic and UV resistant
  • Hemp wicks moisture away from the body as it absorbs and releases perspiration quickly, allowing the fabric to breathe
  • Hemp crops require little or no pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertillizers, cotton uses 24% of the worls insecticides and 10% of the worlds pesticides. Therefore hemp is earth friendly!
  • Hemp can produce 2-3x more fiber than cotton using the same amount of land and it matures in only 4 months! It also does not deplete the soil as much as other crops do and it can clean the soil of toxins and other impurities.
  • Hemp has existed for over 10,000 years and can be used for Clothing, Plastics, Fuel, Home Materials, Cosmetics, Food and Paper!