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Body Protectors & Chest Guards for Combat Sports

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13 products


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13 products

  • Ringhorns Charger Women's Groin Guard Black
  • Fumetsu Ghost Belly Pad
  • Bytomic Performer Reversible Chest Guard
  • Mooto S2 Reversible Chest Guard MT510Mooto S2 Reversible Chest Guard MT510
    Mooto S2 Reversible Chest Guard
  • Black Ringhorns Charger Belly Pad
  • White Hayashi WKF Approved Chest Guard
  • Mooto Practice Chest Guard
  • Black-White Sandee Leather Full Body Coaching Pad
  • Hayashi Reversible Chest GuardHayashi Reversible Chest Guard
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    Hayashi Reversible Chest Guard
  • Cleto Reyes Body Protector
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    Cleto Reyes Body Protector
  • MTX Reversible Chest GuardMTX Reversible Chest Guard
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    MTX Reversible Chest Guard
  • Sandee Sport Full Body Pad Black/WhiteSandee Sport Full Body Pad Black/White
    Sold out
    Black-White Sandee Sport Full Body Pad
  • Venum Elite Body ProtectorVenum Elite Body Protector
    Sold out
    Venum Elite Body Protector

Our team of experts have selected this range of Body Protectors & Chest Guards for Combat Sports all available with the Made4Fighters price match promise and next day delivery options.

Body Protectors, Chest Guards & Body Shields

Protecting yourself from injury is an important part of any contact sport and martial arts are no exception. Having a quality set of protective gear in good repair goes a long way towards keeping everyone safe. When sparring and training, body protectors and chest guards are a central piece of that protective kit. A chest guard or body protector usually covers the chest, stomach, and ribs, protecting them from strikes. Body protectors let you train harder without holding back. This is important when sparring and when drilling strikes. Some martial arts also require body protectors during tournaments.

Body shields are a little different than body protectors and chest guards. Rather than a piece of equipment that you wear, body shields are large, rectangular pads with several handles. Body shields can be used alone or along with a body protector. They are only used for drills and not in sparring. A body shield is used to catch incoming strikes and protects the holder from repeated hits. Body shields are usually large and allow for attacks from a variety of angles.

Finding the Right Body Protector for Karate, Tae Kwon Do, MMA or Boxing

There are a lot of options out there when looking for a body protector or chest guard. When choosing a body protector or chest guard it's important to keep in mind the martial art you practice and what you will be using the protective gear for. Some body protectors are even made with a particular martial art in mind, such MMA belly protectors or Tae Kwon Do or Karate chest guards. If you'll be using your body protector in tournaments you'll also want to make sure it meets and requirements.

Depending on the design, there can be a lot of difference in protection, comfort, and mobility. If you're going to be doing a lot of striking drills a body protector with more coverage and heavier padding is a good idea. If you plan on doing more sparring light padding that allows for more movement is better. Also, keep in mind that body protectors fit differently depending on their design. If one chest guard doesn't work out another may fit more comfortably with just as much protection. Some body protectors are also reversible with different colors on each side to denote side or teams in tournaments.

The Best Martial Arts Body Protectors From Top Brands

Get protected with Made4Fighters range of body protectors. We carry the most durable, well constructed and effective protection that we can find with chest guards from quality brands like Sandee, Venum & Century. We look for products that are well constructed from quality materials. Shop for body protectors made from high-density inner cores coated with extra thick, premium grade materials. Our body protectors will protect you with ultimate shock absorption and minimum stress. With this worry at bay, you'll be able to train your best. Find body protectors for fighters of all types. From beginner and intermediate fighters to professionals, out body protectors are available in various sizes and styles. We carry only the best body protectors, with some that are 100% handmade in Thailand.

Once you pick the perfect body protector it's time to fill out the rest of your martial arts equipment with Made4Fighters. Find other essential protective gear like head guards, boxing gloves, MMA gloves, hand wraps, and more.

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