Kids Karate Gi

Kids Karate Suits- Your Child’s Performance-ready Karate Gi

A kid’s Karate suit, A.K.A. a Karate Gi, is needed for their most important karate activities. Children’s karate suits should generally be lightweight, durable, and washable. Kids Karate Gis also come in heavyweight varieties for more experienced martial artists, so make sure you check with your child’s dojo to get the right kind. A heavyweight kids karate gi gives a satisfying snap with every move, sure to impress the judge. A kids karate uniform is essential for competitions, and they’re sure to feel like a karate master in one of our gis from the top brands in martial arts. We have a suit for every ability-level, in pristine, classic white, or sleek black.


Karate Clothes and Gear for the Whole Family

Our martial arts offerings go far beyond just kids karate costumes. Made4fighters stocks high-quality karate clothing and equipment for the whole family from top brands like Bytomic, Hayashi and Century. We also sell Men’s Karate Gis and Women’s Karate Gis, so the whole family can get in on the action. Your child needs a Karate Gi and karate belt on competition day, but for every day kids training clothes and protective gear, head over to our kids athletic apparel section.