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From sparring boots to martial arts belts to karate gi, Made4Fighters offers the UK's best selection of quality karate uniforms, equipment, protective gear and training apparel for men, women and kids. Whatever your current level of fitness or training, you'll find the pro-quality karate apparel and gear you need from the top combat sports brands - including Bytomic, Century, Top Ten and more. 

Buying a Karate Gi: Tips for Beginners 

Looking to buy your first karate gi? Here are some important questions to ask before you purchase a karate uniform: 

  • What uniform pieces do you need? A standard karate uniform includes a jacket, pants and a belt. 
  • What fabric weight are you looking for? Lightweight uniforms are often used as student training uniforms, as they are easy to move in and cooler than middleweight and heavyweight karate gi. Check with your school on which fabric weight they recommend for their students. 
  • How do you find the right size of karate gi? If you're buying a karate uniform for your child, you may want to purchase a size or two larger than your child's current size - you can roll the cuffs for a better fit as they grow into it. Most gi manufacturers provide sizing charts so you can make sure that you're purchasing the best size for your, or your child's, measurements. 

A note on karate uniform color: Most schools require new and low-ranking students to train in a white gi. We offer a range of colors, but it's recommended to ask your school if they have any specific regulations on uniform color before you make your purchase.