Karate Gi

Karate, an age old Martial Art Discipline

Karate dates as far back to the early 20th century. It was strongly influenced by Kung Fu and is now predominantly a striking martial art consisting of punching, kicking, knee & elbow strikes, as well as widely recognised palm-heel strikes. In modern techniques you may also see grappling, join locks, throws, restraints & vital-point strikes initiated too. Karate can be practiced as an art, self-defense or a combat sport. But whatever your reason for practicing, the karate Gi is an essential element of the uniform. 

What makes the perfect Karate Gi? 

When you are considering which Karate Suit to choose, quality really should not be compromised. The quality of the Karate Gi should withstand the pulling & sparring while still providing the flexibility and manoeuvrability needed for optimal performance. 

The Karate Gi is a two piece suit made up of Karate pants & top. They are traditionally white in colour, but a black Karate Gi is also easily found. They are often categorised by weight, either lightweight or middleweight ranging from 6-10 ounces. And heavyweight would be anything over 12 ounces. The weight is a key indicator in your experience level, therefore a Karateka choosing a heavyweight Gi would be considered the most experienced and would choose this for use in a competition. The weight would also indicate the quality of the Karate suit, with heavier suits made from cotton being more durable and typically being more expensive, while more lightweight suits consisting of polyester tend to be cheaper. 


Choose a Karate Suit from Top Brands at Made4Fighters

At Made4Fighters we are committed to ensuring that are female customers are taken care of. We supply only the very best in quality, which doesn’t stop at our selection of Women’s Karate Gi. You will find a range of lightweight, middleweight & heavyweight karate suits within our range of women’s martial arts uniforms. Shop brands like Venum, Bytomic, Hayashi & more! 

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