Kids Martial Arts

Kids martial arts training is a great activity for children and young adults. Beyond just being fun, teaching your children martial arts is valuable for a number of reasons:

  1. STAYING HEALTHY & ACTIVE - Essential to the well being, confidence & happiness of any child is their health & weight. Almost 10% of children in their first year of school are now obese in the UK & this is continuing to rise. Kids martial arts training combats childhood obesity, helping keep young people healthy and active.

  2. CONFIDENCE & SELF RESPECT - Let's not forget, kids martial arts also teach respect for others. Training with older more experienced artists will help children gain a tremendous amount of confidence & self respect. Not only this, but they will be learning the skills that could help them if ever a bad situation were to arise.

  3. DISPUTE/CONFLICT RESOLUTION - Building on their newfound respect for their self and for others, children’s martial art can also help them learn to find a simple resolution to any conflict.Perhaps counter-intuitively, this respect also allows them to resolve conflicts that may arise without the need for a physical confrontation.

  4. CONNECT MIND & BODY - They'll learn to listen to their body, and think quickly with their reactions. The best martial arts for kids will help improve reflexes, quick thinking, and mental toughness.

While all of the above reasons to enroll your child in a martial arts class are great, it is of paramount importance that they have the right protective equipment when practicing and sparring. When choosing children’s martial arts equipment, we understand how important it is for children to have the best protection possible when training within the diverse world of martial arts. Children’s martial arts must be practiced safely. As such, We stock everything from basic athletic clothing to child-sized head guards,  youth boxing gloves, mouth guards & kids sparring boots along with just about anything else they will need to ensure safe practice. From trusted brands such as Century, Macho & Shock Doctor, you will have extensive choice when deciding what martial arts protective gear is best for your child or your students. If you're still having trouble knowing which to choose, trust what's popular with our Kids Best Sellers section.