Head Guards


When it comes to protection during any combat sport, quality should not be compromised. Invest in the very best to ensure that you are protected during any intense training or competitive fight session. There are several areas to consider when investing in the right head guards, and we are here to provide clarity in what exact you should be looking for when purchasing head guards or face shields for each combat sport discipline. If you plan to compete you need to ensure that your head guards meet the requirements of your chosen combat sport or MMA discipline. Boxing Head Guards, MMA Headgear & Face & Cheek Protection are each designed with specific requirements in mind. Make sure the make the right purchase, so that you are fully protected and can focus on performance during any training session or competition.


Boxing Head Guards are an essential part of the protective gear, and can also be used for MMA & Muay Thai, as well as other contact sports. Boxing Head Guards won’t eliminate the impact of each blow, but they do soften them considerably. MMA & Boxing Head Guards will also provide protection to face & cheeks from scratches & cuts which can often stop a competition if there is a considerable loss of blood. The ideal boxing head guard should give balance against hard blows, are designed in such a way that the wearer has fully visibility during a match or training session & can breath easily.

Made4Fighters supply the very best in women’s boxing head guards, MMA head guards, and face shields from top brands like Venum, Top Ten, Ringside, Century & more. They are made with dense, contoured foam that feels comfortable and light. They will withstand the highest intensity match to provide protection for the temple, jaw, cheek and head. If you are searching specifically for women’s face shields, we provide a selection of polycarbon face shields and protective masks that will protect against the most intense sparring session.

Although combat sports provide the best opportunity for exercise & dedicated technique growth, the risks of injury are real. It’s vital that each participate takes protection seriously, not only for themselves but for that of their opponents too.

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