Hand Wraps

Boxing Hand Wraps

It may seem like a good pair of gloves is all you need to get started, but hand wraps are just as important. Boxing gloves protect your opponent and provide a small amount of protection for you. Boxing hand wraps provide even more protection by stabilizing and supporting the bones in your hands. They reduce the chance of injury when a punch lands at an awkward angle or with poor form. Boxing hand wraps also help gloves fit snugly so they don't shift on impact.

Whether you're competing, working a heavy bag, or sparring with a partner your hands will take repeated impacts. This can lead to injuries including sprains, fractures, and breaks which can take you out of the game. Boxing hand wraps hold everything in place and provide support to help prevent injury. While tape and gauze are often used in competition, this isn't practical for training. Cloth boxing hand wraps are washable and reusable and provide convenient protection during training.

MMA Hand Wraps

While hand wraps started in boxing they have gained popularity in other martial arts including MMA. Hand wraps protect the hand from side impacts when blocking strikes and grappling. They’re also sometimes called wrist wraps because they protect the wrist from hyper-extension and secure the base of the thumb to the hand. There are some small differences when using hand wraps for boxing and MMA. MMA gloves are smaller than boxing gloves which may impact the length of wrap you need. MMA hand wraps are also wrapped to leave the palm free for grappling.

Inner Gloves and Gel Wraps

Boxing inner gloves and gel wraps are an alternative to full hand wraps. They don't provide as much support as a hand wrap but they are easy to get on and off. Inner gloves are a great option for quick training sessions when you're short on time but still want some of the protection that a hand wrap offers. If you need a little extra protection but don't want to go to a full hand wrap Tatami grappler's tape is a great option.

Complete Protection For Your Hands

Hand wraps should be part of your kit whether you're just starting out or have been training for years. As your skill and form improve so does your power. Hand wraps let you train and compete with more power without worrying about injuring your hands. Made4Fighters carries all the gear you need to keep your hands injury free from high-quality brands like Bytomic and Radius. Find your favorite boxing gloves or MMA gloves and then pick the hand wraps that will work best with those gloves. We even offer kids hand wraps for the young martial arts enthusiast in your life.