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Martial Arts Pads from Made4Fighters

Proper protective gear, like martial arts pads, is absolutely essential for training in combat sports. Whether you practice boxing, muay thai, taekwondo or karate, protective pads are important for preventing injury while training. You won’t perform your best on match day if you’re injured, and pads allow you to train at full speed without injuring you or your training partners.

As a top martial arts store in the UK, we offer a full variety of martial arts supplies and training gear. From Karate pads to focus mitts for Muay Thai boxing, feel free to browse our full selection of martial arts protective gear. We don’t stop at just the pads however, we offer a full range of other combat sports equipment, from punch bags to Karate gi’s, all with free shipping on orders over £80 and free returns. Shop our full selection of the best martial arts gear from the top brands in the UK today.