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Boxing Pads and Focus Mitts - Buying Guide


Are you a beginner boxer looking for boxing pads or punching mitts? 

You’re in the right place! There are so many different types of pads and mitts on the market, so we created this guide to help you choose the right one.

Keep reading to find out which type of boxing pads or focus mitts you should buy.

What are boxing pads?

Boxing pads are protective pads that you can use to train with a partner. There are many different types of pads, but most of them slide on the arms of your sparring partner so that you can practice your strikes and kicks without injuring yourself or your partner.

Different Types of Training Pads and Focus Mitts

There are many types of boxing pads, and some products like boxing paddles are closely related to pads but not exactly the same. Boxing paddles are held differently than boxing pads and focus more on training speed and accuracy. 

Muay Thai pads are generally larger than boxing pads, to account for the variety of kicks and strikes that are used in Muay Thai. Using Muay Thai focus pads also requires an experienced wearer, as it’s important for the defensive pad wearer to mimic the natural movements of a Muay Thai fighter. Otherwise, you won’t get the full benefit of sparring in a competition-like environment.

Kick shields are used in martial arts where kicking is practiced, such as Taekwondo and Muay Thai. Kick shields (also known as kick pads) are usually heavy-duty and made with multiple reinforcements to protect against repetitive, high-powered kicks.

Why should you train with pads and mitts?

Whether you’re boxing, kickboxing, training in Muay Thai, or any other striking martial art - using pads and a trained sparring partner is one of the best ways to replicate a real fight. Using boxing pads helps you increase your accuracy, consistency, and technique.

Focus mitts can also help you increase your hand-eye coordination and muscle memory.

If it’s strength, power, or speed you’re looking to improve, a punching bag or speed bag is best suited for that.

Boxing pads are useful for the wearer, not just the puncher. As the wearer, you can improve your defense skills, get a good workout, and improve your blocking accuracy. Wearing boxing pads will also help protect you from hand or wrist injuries while practicing.

What should you look for when buying boxing pads?

First, narrow down what you’ll be practicing. Is it strictly boxing? If so, go for a boxing pad or focus mitt that covers the hands. If you’ll be practicing Muay Thai, you’ll want some Muay Thai kick pads to protect yourself from kicks.

Here are some key features to consider when purchasing boxing pads or focus mitts:


Leather will last longer than vinyl with proper care. It’s less prone to chipping and cracking if it’s properly taken care of. Leather is also more resistant to stains, but vinyl and polyurethane are both easy to clean.


Consider the weight and size of the pads if you’ll be transporting them regularly. Some boxing pads are too large to comfortably lug around to your studio or gym.

Lightweight pads also help the wearer increase their speed and movement.


The price of boxing pads varies depending on the brand and materials used. Some individuals may consider paying more for boxing pads made of a sturdy material like leather, since it may last longer than their cheaper vinyl counterparts.

Watch for “sold in pairs” and “sold individually” remarks in the product description. Some boxing pads are sold individually, so they appear cheaper than boxing pads that are sold in pairs upon first look. Unless you’re looking for a singular replacement boxing pad, you’ll have to take into consideration that you’ll need two boxing pads and focus mitts, not just one. Reputable  boxing pads and focus mitts online stores like Made4Fighters will clearly explain if the boxing pads are sold in pairs or sold individually.


Some pads include premium padding and foam, which make them more comfortable for the wearer and the puncher. Here are some examples of other comfort features that you might want to consider:

  • Mesh fabric helps increase airflow and decrease sweating
  • Finger channels so that the pad fits comfortably and helps the wearer retain control
  • Curved designs help the wearer easily block punches and elbow strikes
  • Non-slip surfaces help the wearer retain control of the pad

Best Boxing Pads

Now that you know what to look for when shopping for boxing pads and focus mitts, here are some of the best options on the market.

Fumetsu Shield Focus Mitts

These mitts feature a contoured palm area and a secure hand compartment, allowing both trainer and fighter to train with comfort and efficiency. The High Density foam within the mitts can withstand even the strongest of punches, thereby shielding the sparring partner from shock. Additionally, the soft touch and durable matte synthetic leather provides a long-lasting and comfortable experience.

Black-White Ringhorns Charger Focus Mitts

These focus mitts are perfect for speed and accuracy training. Made of lightweight polyurethane, they’re a perfect companion for anyone who’s looking for a versatile focus mitt. These Ringhorn mitts have a multi-layered interior system that provides maximum shock absorption for both the wearer and the puncher.

Elion Curved Focus Mitts

This set of curved focus mitts come with a wide range of benefits. Made with high quality and durable leather, they’re an affordable investment that can last over time with proper care.

They have reinforced seams and premium density foam, making this pair a good choice if comfort and durability is what you’re after.

For the wearer, these mitts come with a padded wrist strap for greater control and comfort.

Rival RPM7 Fitness Plus Punch Mitts

Introducing Rival's RPM7 Fitness Plus Punch Mitts - featuring extra-resistant Carbonium PU and a professional feel at a fitness-friendly price! Perfect for fitness enthusiasts, recreational boxers, and trainers alike.

Venum Light Focus Mitts

These leather blend focus mitts are perfect for practicing elbow strikes. Made of a leather blend, they’re durable enough to take repeated beatings over the years. Featuring more of a concave design than other curved mitts, they provide a superior striking surface for the puncher. At the same time, the multi-layered foam protects the wearer from injuries.

Browse our full range of boxing pads, focus mitts, kick shields and more. 

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