Men’s Gym Bags, Backpacks & Sports Bags

Stash your training gear and equipment in style with our top branded men’s gym bags. Made4Fighters stocks specially selected sports bags, backpacks, gym rucksacks, holdalls and more from top brands available in the UK. Perfect for storing everything you need for your workout while on the go, these durable and practical gym bags are suitable for any activity, anywhere! Available in a large variety of shapes and colours! Whether you’re looking for a small gym tote bag or an extra large sports bag, shop Made4Fighters!

Gym Backpacks

Find the best men’s backpacks for work or working out. These versatile gym bags are ideal for everyday use and useful for transporting anything from exercise clothes to martial arts training equipment. Made4Fighters offers durable, comfortable gym backpacks from top MMA and BJJ brands like Century, Venum, Top Ten, Tatami, Mooto and Datsusara.

The Venum Challenger Extreme Backpack is a fully convertible equipment bag that transforms from backpack to duffle bag, depending on your storage travel needs. This extra large gym bag is especially useful to transporting large training equipment and features adjustable tightening straps and front storage lacing system to keep everything in place.

The Reebok Endurance Hydration Backpack is a highly functional trail bag for recreational endurance runners or small day-hikers, featuring a hydration pack with bite valve for on-the-go thirst quenching and adjustable, padded shoulder plus waist straps to mould the shape of the backpack to your back and remain secure throughout your travel.

The Datsusara line of gym bags and backpacks offer a unique selling point. These sports bags are made from hemp and organic cotton canvas, an antimicrobial material which kills the growth of fungi and bacteria to keep bad smells at bay. Hemp is four times stronger than cotton, making it the strongest natural fibre and incredibly durable.

Gym Rucksacks

Made for more lightweight transport, these gym bags are ideal for storing gym clothes and smaller training equipment. Made4Fighters stocks gym rucksacks from top brands like Fairtex and Datsusara.

The Fairtex BAG4 Camo Rucksack was specifically designed for transporting boxing equipment. With an easy access compartment for boxing gloves up to 16oz at the bottom and two mesh pockets at either side for water bottles or other belongings, this gym bag is perfect for boxers on the go.

The Datsusara HGFV Rucksack is a classic gym bag backpack inspired by historical military design, featuring three external pockets, a drawstring closure and buttoned top flap with multiple adjustment options for different sized loads. The main body is an ultra durable material made from hemp and cotton which provides natural antimicrobial properties and added strength.

Drawstring Sports Sacks

Ultra lightweight and perfect for traveling with the essentials for your training workout, Made4Fighers offers drawstring sports sacks from Bytomic Martial Arts. The Bytomic Discipline line is one of the most popular choices of portable gym bags, featuring tough, water resistant fabric and a capacity of 14 litres. Choose from new designs for these sports sacks, such as Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and more!

Sports Bags

For larger equipment and heavier cargo, Made4Fighters offers multi-function sports bags that double as backpacks. These versatile gym bags feature durable, adjustable straps and cushioning to meet your travel preferences and are available from top martial arts brands like Top Ten, Hyashi,Datsusara, and Scramble. For more options of heavy duty gym bags, browse our section on men’s duffle bags.

Shop Gym Bag Accessories

The No Stink Sports Deodorizer XL is the perfect solution for removing unwanted smells and moisture from luggage, drawers, sports bags, gloves and much more. Toss a No Stink pack into your gym bag during travel or overnight, and No Stink’s anti-odour fabric will absorb the moisture and bacteria that causes bad smells.

The Datsusara Raincover keeps you and your belongings protected from rainy days. Featuring a waterproof polyester material and an adjustable cinch closure, this raincover is an ideal accessory to any gym bag.