Kids Punching Bags

Kids Punching Bags

A kids punching bag is a great thing to keep your child active, strong, and confident. Whether you’re introducing them to boxing, karate, or any other combat sport, a children’s punching bag is a great investment for a number of reasons:

  1. KEEP YOUR CHILD HEALTHY & ACTIVE - Essential to the well being, confidence & happiness of any child is their health & weight. Almost 10% of children in their first year of school are now obese in the UK & this is continuing to rise. Kids boxing combat sport training combats childhood obesity, helping keep young people healthy and active.

  2. BUILD THEIR CONFIDENCE & RESPECT - When your child learns how to box, they also learn respect for others. Training with older more experienced athletes will help children gain a tremendous amount of confidence & self respect. In addition, the training they receive will help them to handle some of life’s more unsafe moments. A kids boxing bag is great for punching, not so much their classmates.

  3. DISPUTE/CONFLICT RESOLUTION - Building on their newfound respect for their self and for others, children’s combat sport training can also help them learn to find a simple resolution to any conflict.Perhaps counterintuitively, this respect also allows them to resolve conflicts that may arise without the need for a physical confrontation.

  4. CONNECT THEIR GROWING MIND & BODY - They'll learn to listen to their body, and think quickly with their reactions. The boxing classes and punching bags for kids will help improve their reflexes, quick thinking, and mental toughness.

With the benefits of combat sport training in mind, it is essential that your child has the right training and protective gear. Regardless of the sport your child is training in, a kids punching bag is just the start. Children’s combat sports and martial arts must be practiced safely. With your child’s safety in mind, We stock everything from child-sized head guards, kids boxing gloves, mouth guards & youth sparring boots along with just about anything else they will need to ensure safe practice on their junior punch bag. From trusted brands such as Century, Macho & Shock Doctor, you will have extensive choice when deciding what youth boxing gear is best for your child or your students.