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The Ultimate BJJ Gear Starter Pack: Everything You Need To Master the Mat

BJJ Starter Pack

As you embark on your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) journey, assembling the right gear is both exhilarating and a bit daunting. Whether you're a fresh enthusiast or an aspiring athlete, having a well-curated set of BJJ gear is crucial for your training.

Maybe it was an awe-inspiring match or a friend's recommendation that got you into BJJ. Either way, starting with the best gear within your budget is key to your development as a BJJ practitioner.

Understanding BJJ Gear Essentials

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, rapidly gaining popularity globally, is a martial art that demands both physical and mental preparedness. As a beginner, it’s important to understand the essentials of BJJ gear, which are designed to facilitate smooth and stylish training sessions.

Rash Guards

Your First Layer of Defense in BJJ, rash guards are indispensable. These are not just any moisture-wicking garments; BJJ-specific rash guards are engineered to draw sweat away from your body, helping you stay cool. The fabric also provides thermal insulation, ensuring proper airflow around your arms and torso even under your Gi. Beyond temperature regulation, rash guards prevent direct skin contact, shielding you from skin infections like ringworm. 

Wearing long-sleeve rash guards can also aid in preventing mat burns.


Protecting Your Smile In the world of contact sports like BJJ, safeguarding your mouth is critical. Even though striking isn't the main focus in BJJ, unexpected falls and impacts can occur. A high-quality mouthguard, available in materials ranging from rubber to thermoplastics, is essential for protecting your teeth and gums during rolls and falls. Dive into our selection of Mouth Guards to find the one that best suits your needs.

We highly suggest checking out celebrated brands like Safejawz, Opro, and Shockdoctor. They're all famous for their exceptional protection and specialize in mouthguards.

Groin guards

When it comes to groin protection in BJJ, it really comes down to what you're comfortable with. Some folks swear by wearing a cup during training, but others skip it. Just keep in mind that certain moves can get a bit risky without some protection down there. The key is finding something that keeps you safe without feeling like you're wearing a suit of armor. Oh, and a heads-up – if you're going with a cup, make sure it's got a protective sleeve. You don't want to accidentally give your training buddy a rough time, right?

Your BJJ Wardrobe: The Gi and Its Complements


The centrepiece of BJJ attire is undoubtedly the Gi, also known as a kimono. This traditional outfit, comprising a jacket, trousers, and often a belt, is a staple in BJJ training. While you can wear a rash guard underneath for added protection, the Gi itself is a symbol of your commitment to the sport. 

When selecting a Gi, it’s crucial to find one that is specifically designed for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Unlike Gis for karate or Judo, a BJJ Gi offers the right blend of thickness and fit, crucial for withstanding rigorous training and minimising grip opportunities for your opponent. Our BJJ Gis collection features a variety of options tailored for Jiu-Jitsu practitioners.

No Gi BJJ Training essentials

No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a fantastic twist on the traditional martial art, ditching the Gi for more casual gear like rash guards and shorts. It's all about fluidity and quick movements, focusing on grappling techniques that work without grabbing onto any fabric. 

This style really amps up the pace and tests your agility, as you've got less to grab onto compared to traditional BJJ. Plus, it feels more relatable to everyday situations, making it super practical for those interested in self-defense. With No-Gi BJJ, you're in for an exhilarating, fast-paced adventure on the mats!


he Ultimate Under-Gi Wear For those seeking additional coverage and protection beneath their Gi, spats are the ideal choice. These form-fitting leggings, crafted from a blend of nylon, polyester, and spandex, offer flexibility and comfort. 

Designed to be worn under Gi trousers or shorts, spats are available in various designs for both men and women. Whether you’re engaging in Gi or No-Gi sessions, these leggings are an excellent choice for added security and style. Browse our selection of stylish and functional Jiu-Jitsu Leggings. 

Grappling Partner

Adding a grappling dummy to your training mix is a game-changer, honestly. It's like having a buddy who's always ready to practice, even when you can’t find a real partner. 

These dummies come in all shapes and sizes, from simple bags to fancy ones with arms and legs that feel more like a real opponent. They're perfect for drilling your moves and techniques solo. Some even have straps so you can anchor them down and really get into practicing your kicks and submissions. Super handy for upping your game at your own pace!


Wearing shoes on the mat is not allowed in BJJ and keeping the mat clean is a priority. To ensure that you don’t bring dust and dirt with you onto the mat, consider flip-flops. These sandals can be easily worn and taken off, while allowing your feet to breathe.

Investing in Quality Gear

Quality gear is not just a luxury; it's a necessity for any serious BJJ practitioner. The right gear not only keeps you safe from injuries but also enhances your performance on the mat. It's important to choose gear that's specifically designed for BJJ, as it's made to withstand the unique demands of the sport. By investing in high-quality BJJ gear, you ensure longevity and durability, allowing you to train effectively and progress in your BJJ journey.

Made4Fighters: Your Go-To Source for BJJ Gear 

At Made4Fighters, we understand the importance of having the right gear for your BJJ training. Our extensive collection of BJJ equipment is carefully curated to cater to both beginners and seasoned athletes. From BJJ Rash Guards that keep you cool to durable BJJ Gis, our range has everything you need to step onto the mat with confidence.


Embarking on your BJJ journey is an exciting adventure that requires not just skill and training but also the right gear. From protective rash guards to the traditional BJJ Gi, each piece of equipment plays a crucial role in your training. 

Remember, the quality of your gear directly impacts your performance and safety. Invest wisely in your BJJ gear to ensure a smooth, injury-free path to becoming a proficient BJJ fighter. Made4Fighters is here to support you every step of the way with our comprehensive range of BJJ gear.

Frequently Asked Questions About BJJ Gear for Beginners

What essential gear do I need to start BJJ?

For traditional BJJ, you need a Gi, which includes a jacket, trousers, and a belt. A mouthguard and groin protection are also recommended for safety. For No-Gi training, a rash guard and shorts are necessary.

Why is a rash guard important in BJJ?

A rash guard, made from synthetic, moisture-wicking material, protects against skin irritations and mat burn during No-Gi training. It's also worn under the Gi for extra protection against chafing. Rash guards help keep you dry and comfortable, and some are ranked to display your BJJ belt rank

What are grappling spats, and should I use them?

Grappling spats are skintight leggings made from materials similar to rash guards. They protect your legs from irritation and bacteria during No Gi rolling and can prevent chafing when worn under your Gi. They are typically worn under shorts in No Gi training.

Are special shorts required for No-Gi BJJ training?

Yes, for No-Gi training, it's best to wear shorts specifically designed for grappling or MMA. These shorts typically lack pockets, preventing injury, and have a secure fit with drawstring and velcro closures. They offer the best mix of comfort, safety, and functionality. 

What should I wear for my first BJJ class?

For your first class, wear comfortable workout clothing. If training No-Gi, consider a rash guard. Bring flip-flops or sandals to maintain hygiene when off the mat. A water bottle for hydration and a towel for sweat are also recommended. If you continue training, investing in a mouthguard, grappling shorts (for No-Gi), and eventually your own Gi is essential