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Boxing Pads & Focus Mitts

How Do Boxing Pads Work?

Whichever type of combat sport or martial art you practice, boxing pads and MMA punch mitts will improve your speed, agility and precision. Because your hands are being directed a certain way to hit the mitt, they can increase your hand-eye coordination, your muscle memory and fitness, making you faster and more accurate when it counts the most. Our selection of the best boxing focus pads are ideal for sparring sessions, providing a great training session for both the wearer and the puncher.

Focus Mitts Develop Offensive and Defensive Skills

Boxing punch pads are ideal for sparring sessions. For the puncher, using punching pads during sparring sessions will improve your hit accuracy while you strengthen your muscle memory.And, our selection of punch mitts are designed to provide comfort and support while you're wearing them, so you can avoid potential wrist or hand injuries as you learn to block hits and improve coordination.

If you’re looking to complement your sparring pads by building out your collection of boxing and protective equipment, consider checking out our bag gloves, boxing gloves, or boxing boots. Or, if you think you’d like to branch out a bit and try something new, we’ve got you covered with Karate gear and MMA equipment, too!