Foot Pads


At Made4Fighters we are committed to providing the best in Women’s MMA protective equipment. Foot pads are crucial for any compat sport discipline. Not only do they ensure you protect your feet while making a strike, they also provide your opponent protection from the blow. Ensuring that you are adequately protected means you can concentrate on your performance, technique and speed, confident that you are protected against injury. Sparring pads, kick pads or foot pads, are essential for the prevention of serious injury. Competitors risk breaking or bruising of the foot if they don’t take precautions to stay protected. Foot pads soften the blow thrown or received, enabling both competitors to focus on their performance.

Our range of foot pads are handpicked from the best brands in the industry, like, Top Ten, Century, Mooto & Bytomic. Made from tough, durable leather and shock absorbing foam, they are designed to protect against strong kicks. The padding protects the initiator, the shock absorbing foam protects the opponent. This is one of the most important parts of the MMA protective gear which should not be neglected. Invest in quality foot pads, made from the best materials and designed to last. They will continue to protect you time and time again, throughout any testing training session or competitive fight.


After choosing the right foot pads for your chosen combat sport discipline. You can head on over to our full range of women’s protective gear to select head guards, shin pads, mouth guards, mma gloves, hand wraps and more.