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Punching Bags

Punching bags, such as boxing bags and heavy punching bags bags are a staple of combat sports training and all-round exercise. Punching bags are great for those training in boxing, Muay Thai & MMA, or just anybody looking for a fun, challenging workout. Punching bags are extremely versatile in that they can be staples in both aerobic and anaerobic training, and provide ample opportunity for you to brush up on techniques on both a moving and stationary target. A quality punching bag is the best way to train up before stepping in the ring- never enter a fight unprepared!

Top quality range of punching bags, kick bags and wall targets for combat sports training

Made4Fighters’ range of punching bags and kickboxing bags are definitely built to last, and have all been subject to punishing impact testing, they’re also suitable for gyms and dojos, and all forms of MMA training. Our free-standing punching bags are perfect for a wide variety of drills, and are a great solution for those looking to hone hand-eye coordination and balance. We have MMA training bags for both adults and juniors, including the highly-praised BOB punching bag by Century

The Century BOB punching bag is constructed from high strength plastol, making it extremely durable and capable of standing up to any amount of punishment you can dish out. The Century BOB punch bag is also available in a size suitable for younger fighters, and is a fantastic way to get your kids exercising by offering them a safe outlet on which to practice form and execution. If you want so simulate actual fight conditions, what better way than with a free standing punching bag that looks like an actual opponent? Just don’t keep it someplace it’ll scare you in the dark… For the Mixed Martial Arts trainer, our MMA wall targets are ideal for intense target training sessions, and are a superb method of training to increase accuracy and technique. For a more dynamic training session, we recommend combining your punching bags and kick bags, with training which integrated focus mitts and grappling dummies.

Top-notch punching bags from top-notch brands

Our punch bags and kick bags are available from Top Ten, Century and the official UFC brand, choose from punching bags suitable for use with and without gloves. If you’re looking for high-quality performance gloves to use as part of your punching bag or kick bag training, head on over to browse our selection of MMA gloves and Boxing Gloves from the most acclaimed brands in the business. Made4Fighters are the number one online retailer for all things boxing and MMA, and our superb range of specialised training bags are testament to this.