Spats / Leggings

Welcome to our full range of spats here at Made4Fighters. If you’re looking for first-rate compression leggings and spats designed specifically for combat sports training, you’re in the right place. Made4Fighters offers compression leggings for men, women and juniors. We're the leading UK supplier of Martial Arts apparel and gear and our compression leggings, shorts, tights and spats are available from some of the most acclaimed brands in the industry. You’ll find MMA spats from the likes of Scramble, Venum, Bad Boy and Razorstorm.

The benefits of wearing BJJ spats or Compression Leggings

Compression gear can be worn under your regular shorts, or trousers, and will offer fighters comfort in terms of keeping dry, and maneuverability with regards to hanging clothes not getting in the way of movement. Many fighters prefer to wear regular leggings over a pair of compression tights, so you’re not limited when it comes to your style preferences whilst wearing compression leggings. Our men’s spats and compression leggings are meticulously engineered with the latest sports-science technology. Working to offer the wearer unmatched durability, as well as the advantages of the latest thermoregulation materials - which will help keep muscles warm and limber in the heat of battle, mitigating injuries and allowing for optimum performance. They're ideal for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and other martial arts. We also stock a full range of women spats & compression leggings too.

Venum, Scramble and Razorstorm MMA tights and BJJ spats

All of our spats and compression leggings feature artistic and emotive designs, which will make you both look and feel the part on the mats. Unlike cheaper, poorly made compression leggings or spats, our range feature sublimated designs which will neither crack or peel, even when used over extensive periods of time and during intense training. For even more first-rate protective gear, head on over to browse Made4Fighters’ choice of MMA rashguards and MMA Gloves and Martial arts shin guards to wear with your compression leggings and spats to protect you in the heat of competition.