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Boots & Shoes

Shop the UK's best selection of Men's Boxing Boots, Wrestling and Martial Arts Shoes

Complete your training get up with a pair of boxing boots or Martial Arts shoes. With a wide range of high quality boxing boots in the latest styles and colours (also available in half sizes), you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your training and sparring needs. We offer a great selection of boxing boots from the world's most respected athletic brands, like Nike, Adidas, Century and more.

Choose from Nike Machomai or Hyper KO boots, Adidas 2017 Box Hog & Century's Lightweight Martial Arts shoes, just to name a few.

Choosing the Best Boxing Boots for You 

As athletes, we know that every piece of fighting and boxing equipment should protect, support, and improve your natural athletic abilities. Low-quality, or poorly-designed equipment can put your training, and your health, at risk. That's why we only offer a selection of boxing boots and shoes that are high-quality, from the best sportswear brands, to enable you to unleash your full training potential. Boxing boots help support the ankles, cushion the heels, allow airflow and promote general foot comfort while sparring, or in the ring during competition.

With good footwork comes good technique, so give your opponent something to fight for now with a pair of boxing boots that ensures that you'll 'move like a butterfly, sting like a bee'. 

Made4Fighters is an authorised Nike retailer for Boxing boots, Wrestling & Combat Sports footwear and apparel.