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Freestanding Punch Bags

What Is a Freestanding Punch Bag?

A freestanding punch bag is a popular piece of equipment for many types of training, whether it’s boxing, MMA, or even regular cardio or aerobic workouts for conditioning, improved hand-eye coordination and general physical fitness. The bag has a large kicking and punching surface as well as a sturdy, stable base that allows you to strike consistently and confidently without it moving or needing to be readjusted. Self standing punching bags come in sizes for adults and kids alike.

Benefits of Using a Free Standing Punch Bag

Punching bags that are free standing offer many benefits, the largest being they do not require any mounting, complex support systems, or permanent installation. They’re affordable, portable and easy to assemble (and disassemble) and store, so they’re perfect in small spaces or living quarters that do not have dedicated home gyms.

Is a Standing Punching Bag Better Than Hanging?

It depends on your needs. If you are planning to train professionally either for boxing or MMA, it’s possible mounted punching bags are the right choice for you because your workout can better mimic the actual sport for which you’re preparing. Free standing heavy bags can be softer and, therefore, easier on your hands and feet. And, because it’s self standing, it can easily be used for kicking workouts as well.

How Do You Keep A Freestanding Punching Bag From Moving?

Stabilizing the base of a stand alone punch bag is easy. It’s typically filled with either water or some sort of ballast material like sand or gravel. Sand is heavier and can provide the most support, but for easiest transport, water is your best bet. It can be filled and emptied with very little mess so that you’re able to store your bag out of sight when your workout is complete.

If you’re looking to complement your self standing heavy bag workout, consider purchasing our bag gloves, boxing gloves, or MMA gloves. Or, if you think mounted punching bags might be more your speed, we’ve got you covered there, too!