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Foam Rollers for Deep Tissue Muscle Massage and Muscle Therapy Exercises

Foam rollers are a powerful tool for anyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors. The benefits of foam rolling regularly are extensive including improved blood circulation to the muscles, enhancing warm-up and cool-down stretches, targeted massages for breaking down knots in your muscles, ease muscle soreness, helping increase flexibility, developing better balance, and strengthening the core muscles. One of the best foam roller benefits is the fact that by foam rolling regularly, you can get a quality targeted muscle massage at home without paying for an expensive massage session.

Because of the many foam roller benefits, massage rollers are often used during physical therapy exercises as a safe way to strengthen and reduce built-up tension in the muscles.

How to Foam Roll Safely

There are a number of foam roller exercises out there but using a foam roller can often be as simple as choosing an area on your body where you’re experiencing muscle tightness and gently working the massage foam roller on that spot. Another simple rule for foam rolling is to always foam roll before and/or after any workout to relieve tight muscles before they build up more tension.

When choosing a foam roller it’s important to choose a foam roller that is a density, size, and texture that is a good match for your personal comfort level. If you’re experienced with foam rolling and using exercise rollers regularly, your body is likely better attuned for a hard foam roller or a textured foam roller. If you’re new to foam rolling, a soft foam roller would be a better fit to get your body accustomed to using a muscle roller.