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MMA Equipment for all combat sport training


Made4Fighters is the UK's premiere online specialist retailer of Martial Arts equipment and accessories. Since 2007, we've supplied fitness fanatics, martial artists, crossfitters and gym owners with martial arts gear and other sports equipment from top brands at affordable prices.

Take a look at the martial arts equipment we've got in stock:


  • Training Pads including Muay Thai Pads, Belly Pads, Breaking Boards & Focus Mitts. Something for any martial arts discipline you commit to.

  • Punch Bags - Freestanding, Hanging, Grappling Dummies & more from Aqua Bag, Century & Venum.

  • Strength & Conditioning Gear - A range of fitness equipment from Speed Ropes to Training Masks and Sledge Hammers to Resistance Bands, we've got it all so you can switch up your routine, work different muscle groups and keep training fun.

  • Speed & Agility - Key skills for all martial artists. Find Agility Hurdles, Skipping Ropes, Cones & Markers or even look for a full kit!

  • Training Weapons- Strong, durable & beautiful traditional Martial Arts weapons. Nunchaku, Bo Staff, Bokken and more. If you're considering training with weapons, our range of high-quality rubber knives, rubber guns, and other training weapons offers equipment options for every skill level.

  • Medical & Health - Take care of yourself and fight injury with our range of Supports, Tapes, Foam Rollers, Pain Relief and Oils & Balms.

  • Commercial Equipment - Own a gym? Our selection of Punch Bags, Sleds, Plyo Boxes and mats are durable, top quality and affordably priced so you can outfit your gym - and train your athletes - with the best sports equipment on the market today.

  • Elliptical Cross Trainers - Need a way to get a full body workout from the comfort of your home? Cross trainers are easy on the joints and allow you to get in your resistance training and cardio on the same machine.