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ELION celebrates its 5 years! What could be more natural to celebrate this with the launch of the most high-end boxing glove ever created by ELION, L'Elégant! During more than a year and a half of development and in close collaboration with the fighters of TEAM ELION such as Mansour Barnoui, Damien and Taylor Lapilus, we have gathered all our energy and our know-how to offer you our Signature pair of gloves. : The Elegant.

  • The Elegant is made from the finest materials available for a boxing glove.
  • Made from top-of-the-range full-grain Nappa leather, this type of leather is obvious to us in order to provide increased resistance over time.
  • Elegance is synonymous with beauty while grace and lightness, which is why we wanted this pair of boxing gloves to be fine and racy.
  • The style and design of this pair of boxing gloves is a continuation of the products in the Paris Collection range.
  • While keeping the chic and sober ELION Paris branding, we decided to make a seam yoke along the entire thumb to the base of the glove.
  • Once in guard position with both hands, the ELION logo appears!

To do this, we have used a new absorbent foam so that the glove can protect your hands and pasterns from all impacts during your intensive training, but without the glove being too large or bulky, elegance requires. Signature boxing glove par excellence, The Elegant is by virtue of its streamlined shape an attack glove, ready to outsmart all defenses! In addition, we have added padding on both sides and along the entire length of the hand to play two important roles: The first to provide more protection and cushioning when you are defending.

  • Each pair of L'Elégant comes in its box with its Red Wine velvet pouch and ventilated mesh.
  • Handmade in Thailand.


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