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Bokken | The Authentic Japanese Wood Sword For Martial Arts Training

Practiced by the Samurai warriors of feudal Japan, bokken sword training is an ancient martial arts discipline that is still popular among athletes today. Bokken, the Japanese wooden sword that is key to this training, is considered safer than metal swords - but can still cause injury if wielded by an inexperienced fighter. In martial arts, bokken is used in aikido, kendo, kenjutsu and jodo - and while bokken often appear in popular culture (and are even used by modern police forces), they should not be confused with the related, but different, art of Japanese katana training.

Our selection of high-quality bokken include versions made from foam, synthetic polymer substitutes, and polypropylene, in addition to authentic wooden bokken for martial arts training and competition. If you are currently learning how to use a bokken, these weapons will approximate the size, feel and weight of a blade - while reducing the likelihood of injury.