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High-Quality Bo Staff Options

The bo staff, which is also known as a fighting staff or martial arts staff, is most commonly used in the Japanese martial art called Bojutsu. What once was a heavy weapon used in Asia as early as the 14th century, today’s bo is a much more lightweight staff, typically made from wood or graphite. We offer top brands like Century and Bytomic and even have sleeves and cases for protection and secure transportation.

We offer bo staff options for beginner or young martial artists as well as longer, lightweight choices for world-class martial arts competitors. 

Training and Competing with Bo Staff

Whether you’re planning to utilize your bo staff for strength training, sparring, practicing your striking techniques or for traditional or sport competition, Made4Fighters has you covered. 

These martial arts staffs come in different lengths, weights and designs to meet all your needs. Lighter weight fighting staffs allow you to thrust and swing with ease while colorful designs can provide you with a distinctive look in competition.

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