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The Best Martial Arts Gear for Women

Each of us is unique. We have different strengths and weaknesses and excel at different martial arts. Our bodies are all a little different. If men's jeans don't ever fit quite right you're not going to be comfortable in a men's martial arts uniform either. That's why finding gear made for women is just as important as finding the right martial art.

Made4Fighters offers the UK's best selection of high-quality, durable martial arts uniforms and equipment for women. Whether you're looking for women's training clothes, protective gear, or casual clothing we carry gear suited for all martial arts and fitness disciplines. Our collection of women's martial arts apparel and gear will carry you from the street to the gym to competition in style.

Martial Arts Apparel for Women

Shopping for a women's martial arts uniform? We carry an extensive range of BJJ Gi and Karate Gi, as well as martial arts uniforms for Tae Kwon Do and kickboxing athletes. Looking for other women's training clothes? You'll find women's training apparel, Muay Thai shorts, and grappling spats. Need something to wear to and from the gym? We carry casual streetwear including beanies, hoodies and more from leading athletic brands.

Martial Arts Protective Gear for Women

Safety is essential for every woman in martial arts. The better your protective gear, the safer you are - in training and competition. Shop our collections of all the martial arts gear you need to maintain peak fitness as a martial artist. Find ladies' boxing gloves, rash guards, head guards, gel knee pads and shin guards, hand wraps, and more.

Made4Fighters also provides a full range of Kid's & Men's Spats & Leggings