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Muay Thai Shorts

Welcome to our full range of Muay Thai Shorts here at Made4Fighters. Muay Thai shorts are essential apparel for training and competing, and are designed in a way that is optimal for the sport of Muay Thai, also called Thai Boxing. Muay Thai shorts are instantly recognisable and stand out from those used in many other combat sports as they are much shorter in length. The length of Muay Thai shorts was influenced by the sport’s country of origin, Thailand, where humid weather demanded that clothing worn to practice high-intensity combat sports was appropriate for the climate. Another practical reason for the common length of Muay Thai shorts, is that it’s absolutely vital that the shorts do not restrict the motion and extension of a fighter’s legs, as kicks and knee strikes are formidable tools for an able Muay Thai fighter. If you're looking for more first-rate official MMA wear to pair with your new Muay Thai shorts, why not check out our range of MMA Gloves.

Specialised Muay Thai shorts from Sandee, Fairtex and Venum 

Our Muay Thai shorts are expertly constructed from premium materials, to ensure that they’ll be able to withstand the intensity that the sport of Muay Thai demand, whether during training or competition. The colours and designs of a fighter’s Thai Boxing shorts is also a point of pride, and we have available one of the widest ranges of striking colours and designs anywhere online. Check out our latest selection from some of our most popular Muay Thai shorts brands: Venum, Sandee, Haybabusa, Fairtex and Bad Boy. Here at Made4Fighters, we strive to always stock first-rate products from the biggest and best brands around, make sure to check back often as we’re constantly refreshing our extensive range with new, outstanding Muay Thai equipment and apparel. You may also like to browse our collection of Muay Thai Gloves and Muay Thai Shin Guards.