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Improve your Muay Thai Techniques By Training With Muay Thai Pads and Shields

Muay Thai pad training allows fighters to practice against a partner with much more force than when kicking and sparring than without Muay Thai kickboxing pads or other protective pads or shields. Muay Thai pads and Thai kick pads are a staple of a thorough Muay Thai workout, allowing Muay Thai fighters to target areas of your opponent’s frame with a variety of strikes and kicks. With an endless list of Thai Boxing pad drills available online, training with Muay Thai kick pads and punching pads has never been more popular. To protect yourself and your partner, it’s absolutely pivotal that you invest in a quality set of Muay Thai pads and kick pads from trusted brands, such as those available at Made4Fighters. We have Muay Thai pads and taekwondo kick pads from Venum, Bad Boy, Century and more for you to purchase.

How to get the most out of your Muay Thai Kickboxing workout

It takes two to have a really rigorous pad workout, and it’s absolutely vital that you’re training across from an experienced Muay Thai pad worker, who is able to mimic the natural kicking and sparring movements a Muay Thai fighter would make when in a real competitive bout. A thorough workout with Muay Thai Boxing pads will have you targeting a moving opponent, who is actively trying to evade your strikes and kicks, as well as threatening to deal out some blows of their own. If you’re looking to pair your Muay Thai pads with more quality Muay Thai Boxing equipment, why not head on over and explore our Muay Thai GlovesBoxing BagsMuay Thai Shorts, and Muay Thai Shin Guards.