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Hammer Ferrum TX2 Multi Gym

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HAMMER Multi Gym Ferrum TX2
The HAMMER strength-training station Ferrum TX2– quick workout results thanks to professional equipment details: cable pull module and power lat. bar for over 45 exercise options. The Ferrum TX2 from HAMMER is an effective and compact "strength-turbo" with which you can intensely work all the important muscle groups. Even in tight spaces (space requirements only 150 x 110 x 200 cm) you can easily work your chest, back, shoulder, arm and leg muscles.

You can achieve the following goals with the HAMMER Ferrum TX2:

  • Men: broad, muscular chest
  • Women: tightening of the chest
  • Men: broad, muscular V-shape
  • Women: strong back
  • Men: strong, defined shoulders
  • Women: toned shoulders
  • Men: muscular upper arms
  • Women: toning/definition of the arms
  • Well-trained muscular legs
  • Women: toning/definition of the legs
  • Flat six-pack and defined ab muscles

Effective strength-training for all of your main muscle groups!
A combined ergonomic butterfly bench press unit helps you build up a broad, muscular chest, and the strength-training station TX2 has a latissimus pulley and a rowing pulley to work your back. You can easily develop impressive arm muscles (biceps and triceps) with the curling station - the height of which can be adjusted - a curling bar, and a triceps pulley. The leg curling unit on the HAMMER Ferrum TX2 ensures the build up of your leg muscles. Here you can easily do leg curls and leg extensions.
Exercises: butterfly, bench press, latissimus pull, leg curl, leg bend, arm curls, rowing, tricep press/pull, crunches, cable pull, should pull, abductor/adductor exercises, and much more

HAMMER strength-training station Ferrum TX2 – Cable pull module
A 160° rotatable, height-adjustable roller system ensures maximum movement, free exercises, and core training. Work your chest, shoulders, arms, legs and buttocks just like in a professional fitness studio. A particular highlight is the Power SZ rod included in the scope of delivery, which effectively works specific muscle groups.



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