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Venum Clothing, Boxing Gloves, & Combat Equipment

Let's talk about Venum, or as it's officially known, the 'Venum Fight Short Company'. Since bursting onto the scene in 2006, these guys have been wowing everyone with their top-notch fight shorts. But that's just the start. Venum quickly became a big name in the Mixed Martial Arts world, decking out MMA superstars like Wanderlei Silva, Miesha Tate, and Lyoto Machida. They're pretty much everywhere in the MMA scene, sponsoring champs and rising stars alike.

You've probably seen Venum's gear in action – their t-shirts, fight shorts, MMA gloves, Boxing gloves and even footwear are a common sight in the ring, worn by current champions and the next generation of fighters.

But what really sets Venum apart?

Their commitment to quality. Their MMA and boxing equipment, think boxing gloves, shin guards, headgear, are all handcrafted in Thailand. And their clothing? Made in Brazil, meeting the highest standards to ensure only the best gets the Venum label.

What's really cool about Venum is their blend of durability and style. Their gear isn't just tough enough to handle the most intense training sessions; it's also got a unique flair that stands out. This blend of quality, style, and durability is why Venum has not just survived but thrived in the competitive world of Mixed Martial Arts. They're not just a brand; they're an authority in the MMA gear game.

Venum Boxing Gloves

Alright, let's dive into the world of Venum boxing gloves. Their gloves are handcrafted with a classic touch, designed to withstand the toughest of fights. These aren't just any gloves; they're made from top-notch Argentinian Nappa leather. This means they're not only durable but also breathable, keeping your hands cool under pressure. And the lifespan? Impressive. Venum gloves are built like tanks, featuring multi-layered polyester foams. 

Venum doesn't just stop at quality; they offer variety too. Their range of padding options is huge, from 8oz all the way up to 18oz. So, whether you're just starting out in sparring or you're a seasoned fighter, Venum has got you covered. And the choices! Models like the Shield Pro, Hammer Pro, and Giant 2.0 – each with its unique features and benefits. It's like a candy store for boxers.

Venum Boxing Shoes

Venum Boxing shoes have grown each year in popularity, designs and comfort. Venum Elite boxing shoes are the result of over two years of footwear research and experimentation. This professional-grade offering of Venum footwear is battle tested in training and during live bouts by Venum fighters Jorge Linares, Miguel Berchelt, and Juan Francisco Estrada. In order to provide support, stability, and grip for fighters in the ring, the insole of these boxing shoes is designed to perfectly fit the plantar arch of the foot, without being too bulky or uncomfortable to wear. 

Venum Fight Shorts and Muay Thai Shorts

Let's chat about Venum's fight and Muay Thai shorts. Starting with their fight shorts, these are a dream for anyone into No Gi BJJ, MMA and martial arts. Made with 100% lightweight polyester, they're all about helping you move freely and upping your game. They're tough too, with reinforced seams that mean they're in it for the long haul. Plus, the smart closure system keeps them snug and in place, no matter how intense the fight gets. And when things heat up? No sweat – literally. Thanks to fast-dry microfibers and mesh panels, these shorts keep you cool and comfortable.

Now, onto the Venum Muay Thai shorts. Crafted from strong, lightweight polyester, they're designed to give you all the mobility you need. Made with love in Thailand, they feature wide leg openings and side vents, boosting your leg movement big time. And the traditional wide elastic? It's all about comfort and support. Whether you're throwing a quick jab or a powerful kick, the Venum Absolute 2.0 Muay Thai Shorts are there to help you make every move count.

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