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What Boxing Gloves Are Used by Pro Women Fighters?

Boxing Gloves used by pro women fighters

When it comes to professional boxing, there are a lot of different gloves that you can use.

But what type of gloves do professional women boxers use?

In this blog post, we are going to take a look at the different types of gloves that professional women boxers use and give you some insight into why they might choose those particular gloves. So, without further ado, let's take a look at the different types of gloves that professional women boxers use!

Unleashing Excellence

Women's professional boxing gloves are specially designed to provide protection for female athletes engaged in the sport. They typically feature thicker padding along the knuckles and longer wrists, allowing fighters to guard their hands more effectively, especially against stronger punches from opponents. 

Women's professional boxing gloves also come with a higher weight than regular gloves, providing additional protection by absorbing impact more effectively. Ultimately, women's professional boxing gloves strive to create an equal playing field for all female boxers operating in the same weight category and ensure that protection is of the utmost importance.

Women's boxing gloves come in a wide range, each with its own unique characteristics to suit different needs. 

Cleto Reyes and Venum are two of the most popular models due to their superior build quality, advanced padding for added protection, and sleek designs. Everlast is also incredibly popular for being lightweight and ‘breathable', allowing you to fight without getting sweaty hands. 

Rival gloves stand out from the pack by having a unique fit and feeling that offers superior comfort to other brands while still offering ample protection. With all these options available, it can be hard to decide which is the right pair of gloves for you – but there's no denying that Cleto Reyes, Venum and Rival are some of the most sought-after women's boxing gloves on the market!

Terri Harper - Venum Boxing Gloves

As a rising star in the boxing world, Terri Harper is always looking for equipment that will give her an edge in the ring. That's why she chooses Venum gloves. Venum is known for their high quality materials and attention to detail, and they have become a favorite among professional fighters.

The Venum 'Challenger 2.0' glove is lightweight and comfortable, with a triple density foam core for maximum protection. It also features innovative ventilation holes to keep the hands cool during intense matches Venum's commitment to excellence has made them a go-to brand for top athletes like Harper, and it's clear that she knows what she's doing when it comes to finding the best gloves for her fighting style.

Terri Harper

Chantelle Cameron - Everlast Boxing Gloves

When it comes to her boxing gear, Chantelle Cameron opts for Everlast. The popular brand is known for their durable gloves, making them a top choice among professional fighters.

Everlast also offers a variety of glove styles, allowing Cameron to customize her equipment to suit her needs. From the Everlast Pro Style training gloves to the Everhide Pro Style competition gloves, Cameron has made Everlast her go-to brand both in and out of the ring.

Even off the mat, she can be spotted sporting Everlast apparel and accessories, solidifying her dedication to the trusted brand. When it comes to protecting her hands and delivering powerhouse punches, there's no doubt that Cameron looks to Everlast for the best in boxing gear.

Chantelle Cameron

Claressa Shields - Everlast Boxing gloves

As one of the top female boxers in the world, Claressa Shields knows the importance of having quality equipment. That's why she chooses Everlast boxing gloves for her matches. 

Made with patented Evercool mesh and high-density foam, these gloves provide optimal protection for both her hands and her opponents. And as a proud American athlete, Shields also chooses to wear Everlast's USA style gloves, showing off her patriotism as she enters the ring. When it comes to protecting herself and performing at her best, Shields trusts Everlast boxing gloves.

Claressa Shields

Katie Taylor - Rival Boxing Gloves

Katie Taylor, the current undisputed lightweight champion in women's boxing, is known for her skill and precision in the ring. As for her equipment, Taylor chooses Rival boxing gloves. Rival has been a trusted brand for many professional fighters, offering a range of high quality options for training and competitions.

Rival's Elite Series,, for example, is made with 100% genuine leather and includes extra padding in the knuckle area for added protection. Not only do Rival gloves provide comfort and durability, but they also come in a variety of unique designs – perfect for making a statement in the ring. Overall, it's clear why Katie Taylor trusts Rival to equip her for every match.

Jessica McCaskill - Cleto Reyes Gloves

Jessica McCaskill, the current WBC and WBO female world champion in boxing, wears Cleto Reyes gloves in the ring. Cleto Reyes is a Mexican brand founded in the 1970s, known for their high quality leather construction and tightly-fitted design. McCaskill is often seen wearing Cleto Reyes' classic red and gold ‘Attaque’ gloves, although she has been known to switch it up with their blue and silver ‘Azteca’ model as well.

Not only do these gloves provide her with protection and support during her fights, but they also add a touch of personality and flair to her ring style. Overall, Cleto Reyes is clearly the brand of choice for this determined champion boxer.

Jessica McCaskill - Cleto Reyes Gloves

Many manufacturers offer gloves specifically designed for women, which can be a good option for those looking for a good fit. In addition, there are a number of different weight classes in women's boxing, so fighters need to make sure they select a glove that is designed for the weight class they will be fighting in.

Once a professional woman fighter has found a few different gloves that seem like a good option, it is important to try them on and get a feel for how they fit. It is also a good idea to ask for input from trainers and other experienced fighters. 

Many women professional boxers have secured lucrative endorsement deals, allowing them to use top-of-the-range gloves that are specifically designed for their needs. These partnerships not only provide the boxers with exceptional equipment but also offer them a platform to showcase the brand's commitment to supporting female athletes. With the support of these sponsored gloves, women professional boxers can unleash their full potential in the ring and inspire a new generation of fighters.

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