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What are the Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners?

What are the Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners?

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If you’re new to boxing, finding the best boxing gloves can seem pretty daunting. There are hundreds of boxing glove types, brands, and not to mention how confusing the sizing can get. Choosing the right pair of boxing gloves is one of the most important things you can do when you’re just getting started. In addition to affecting the quality of your training, wearing the wrong boxing gloves can increase your chance of injury over time.

To save you a bit of trouble, we’ve created a guide with everything you need to know in order to choose the best boxing gloves for beginners.

Boxing Glove Buying Guide

Are you ready to take the plunge into boxing? Before jumping in, it's important for every boxer-in-training to choose a pair of gloves that offers both comfort and safety. To help navigate your next purchase, check out this Boxing Glove Buying Guide! We'll cover all five key factors - size, material, type, cost and style – so you can find just the right fit.

1.) Size:

With so many factors to consider such as size, branding and material, it's important to educate yourself before investing in your first set! To make sure you get the right fit that offers optimal protection without sacrificing comfort or mobility, glance at the glove sizes expressed in ounces (oz.) - these come standard for all beginners looking forward to lacing up their first pair of mittens. The most common boxing glove sizes are 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz and 16 oz. 10 oz gloves are the best boxing gloves for heavy bag workouts while 14, 16, 18, and 20 oz gloves are the best boxing gloves for sparring.

Mike Tyson has changed his gloves of choice as he’s grown older. In the past, when boxing with partners they encouraged him to use 18-ounce mitts for added safety; now in later years, Iron Mike prefers lighter 16-ouncers.

So what size gloves would I need as a beginner?

Most beginners opt for bigger boxing gloves to be on the safe side and work their way down towards competition weight as their skills improve. The size and type of boxing gloves you use will really depend on your body weight and purpose. Your boxing gloves should have a snug, comfortable fit with your fingertips grazing the top of the gloves. Be sure to try on boxing gloves with hand wraps on. Boxing gloves should be snug around the straps but not tight, and it should be easy to make a fist. Fight Camp explain the importance of having the correct size gloves especially for beginners.

Finding the right sized boxing glove can be a bit like Goldilocks and the Three Bears; you want something that's just right. A lightweight fighter (under 150 pounds) should aim for 8-12 ounce gloves, while those in between (150 to 175 pounds) will find greater protection with 12 to 16 ounces. And if your weigh more than 175? Lace up some hefty 16+oz gloves!

If you’re buying online (and will not be able to try the boxing gloves on in-store first), an easy why to find your glove size is to measure the circumference of your hand. Use your dominant hand to wrap a tape measure around the fullest part of your hand, excluding the thumb. You should also take into consideration your body weight. The following chart uses both hand circumference and body weight to recommend a size for your pair of boxing gloves:

Boxer’s Weight Hand Circumference Without Wrap Weight Size
40-58 kg 5.5” - 6.5” 8 oz.
58-72 kg 6.5” - 7.5” 10 oz.
72-86 kg 7.5” - 8.5” 12 oz
86+ kg 8.5” - 9.5” 14 oz.

What are the best boxing gloves for beginners?

2.) Material:

Boxing gloves come in various materials, with each offering its own unique set of benefits. The most popular and widely utilised material is leather; it forms a strong grip with the hand in order to be able to maintain a solid hold of the boxing glove when punching. Vinyl, nylon, and polyester are also used materials for making boxing gloves, but leather remains the go-to material for all levels of professional boxing. In terms of pricing, leather gloves tend to be more expensive than their vinyl or rubber counterparts due to their durability and long-lasting nature. However, if you're willing to make an investment with your boxing gear in exchange for a better quality product, buying leather gloves is definitely worth it!


Looking to box but don't want to break the bank? PU leather boxing gloves are a great option! They're made with split leather coated in polyurethane, making them significantly cheaper than full grain leather. However, they may not stand up over time – if you consider yourself an intermediate or advanced boxer it's better for your budget and performance to opt for high-quality gear that will last longer.

IMF foam 

IMG foam boxing gloves are a great option for beginner boxers. If you're looking for an easy-to-use, lightweight glove to use in the gym or at home, then IMG foam is the choice for you. These gloves are made using special foam materials that protect your wrists and knuckles while also providing a comfortable fit. The cushioning of the IMG foam will make sure your punches are effective and powerful without putting too much strain on your arms and hands. What's more, these gloves are both affordable and long-lasting - so you won't have to splurge in order to get quality equipment.  

Cowhide Leather 

If you're looking for quality boxing gloves that are built to last, cowhide leather may be the perfect option. Not only are they softer and more comfortable on the hands but the padded grip also allows you to practice without any worry of blisters or irritation. In addition, cowhide gloves hold their shape better when compared to other material options like vinyl or synthetic leather. They also provide better shock absorbency which helps reduce jarring impacts on wrists and knuckles. 

Premium Leather 

Premium leather boxing gloves are considered the gold standard in quality due to their durability and comfort. They are often more expensive than other types of gloves, but they offer superior performance that is worth the added cost. The sturdiness of premium leather allows fighters to feel secure with every punch thrown, while its breathability keeps sweat from accumulating inside the glove. Additionally, these gloves last much longer than boxers will with most other materials on the market.

For beginners looking to try their hand at boxing, opting for a more affordable option of mitts is best; premium leather options can be expensive and may not provide the necessary support.

3.) Cost:

When it comes to buying boxing gloves, not only should comfort be considered, but also cost. The most expensive pair may not always provide the best durability or protection, so finding a good starting point with a reputable name can provide savings without sacrificing quality. When purchasing gloves for beginners, bear in mind that it is important to find a pair of durable gloves that are within your budget without skimping on safety and dependability. With this approach, you’ll have the assurance that your rookie is safe and secure as they begin their adventures in the world of boxing.

4.) Type of gloves:

There are several different types of boxing gloves, each with its own purpose. Professional and advanced boxers tend to have multiple pairs of boxing gloves for each training activity. However, beginners usually only need a single pair of boxing gloves that will adequately protect your hands. Most beginners opt for general training gloves or bag gloves. There are slight differences between the two, so it will really depend on what activities you’ll be doing. Note: many brands refer to both glove types as “boxing gloves.”

All-Purpose / Training Gloves: These are multi-functional boxing gloves that can be used for a variety of activities and are probably your best bet if you’re just starting out. Opt for all-purpose boxing gloves if you’re planning on doing a mixture of sparring and bag work. They also work for other types of boxing, such as Thai Boxing.

Bag Gloves: As the name suggests, bag gloves are boxing gloves designed to be used when doing bag work. These boxing gloves are particularly partial if you plan to train at home and won’t be doing any sparring. Modern bag gloves are essentially training gloves with more padding. They are designed to protect your hands when hitting a heavy bag.

Tips: The most important aspects you should look out for when buying the best boxing gloves for beginners is the quality of materials, and the appropriate size and weight. Start with something basic and relatively inexpensive, and work your way up to more specialized boxing gloves as you gain experience. If you’re planning to do martial arts, opt for a flexible boxing glove. Heavier boxing gloves are better if you’re training to enter the ring, while lighter boxing gloves are best if you’re competing in the ring.

5.) Closure type:

Boxing gloves come in a wide variety of closure systems, each designed for comfort and secure performance. From the traditional wrap-around lace to more modern hook and loop straps, there is a glove to fit every boxer's needs. Laces provide an adjustable fit, but require someone else to properly tie the glove.

Hook-and-loop straps are convenient, allowing the fighter to adjust the glove with only one hand without the help of another person. Some fighters opt for fastening buckles instead of laces or straps, offering both strength and convenience. That said, buckles and snugger straps typically sacrifice some comfort when compared to other closure systems. 

Laces or Straps? The best for beginners

Laces do offer a tighter fit and better wrist support, however they’re also sadly not as practicable. You can’t tie laces by yourself, so you’ll have to count on your training buddy to lace you up before each training. For this reason, lace-up boxing gloves are almost exclusively used by professional boxers.

Velcro boxing gloves can be secured almost as tightly as laces, and can be done yourself. 9 times out of 10 the hassle of laces isn’t worth the benefits, unless you’re a pro. 'Fight Quality Reviews' takes on a heavyweight challenge as they compare their opinions of Lace Up Boxing Gloves vs Strap Boxing Gloves - which glove comes out on top?

best boxing gloves 2020 for beginners

Ranked - Our top five picks for the best starter set of mitts

Fumetsu Shield Boxing Gloves

Top boxing gloves for beginners

Fumetsu generally produces the best value boxing gloves for both beginner and advanced boxers. These Shield Boxing Gloves are great boxing gloves beginners as they’re super durable, incredibly affordable and available in a stylish matte-look synthetic leather.

  • Embossed Fumetsu Combat logo on the wrist
  • Soft touch matte synthetic leather finish
  • Sizes available: 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz
  • Also available in Kids
  • Colours available: Black/Black, Black/Neon, Black/White, Grey/Black, White/Black
  • Price - £40.00Sale price£32.00
Pros - - Affordable and a good budget pair of gloves to start off with- Breathable mesh palm area to keep hands cool- Hook and loop strap closure for easy adjustment
Cons -  - If you're seeking authentic lacing-up gloves for boxing, these aren't the right fit—due to the hook and loop closure instead

Venum Challenger 3.0 Boxing Gloves

best boxing gloves under 100

The Venum Challenger Gloves are probably the best boxing gloves for training on this list. Now in their 3rd generation, these Venum boxing gloves include triple density foam for better shock management and added hand protection, as well as a breathable interior mesh. The added protection also makes the Venum Challenger gloves some of the best boxing gloves for beginners. 

UFC and Venum further cement their relationship with a multiyear partnership to solidify the future of MMA apparel. Read on at MMA Junkie for an inside look into this fascinating collaboration! 

Antoine Pinto, "The Phenom" of Muay Thai kickboxing is taking the martial arts world by storm. Hailing from France and currently training in Thailand, this young powerhouse has an impressive career record of 131-36-1 with a whopping 59% knockout rate! "There's no doubt that Venum gloves are his favorite" - be sure to keep your eye on him as he continues climbing up the ranks.

  • High-quality soft synthetic leather. 
  • Large Velcro closure for better fit.
  • Breathable neoprene interior.
  • Developed in France.
  • Sizes available: 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz
  • Colours available: Black/Black, Black/Gold, Black/Red, Black/White, White/Gold, White/Black.
Pros -

- Triple layer construction, improved shock absorption for better protection. 50% better than Challenger 2.0 Venum boxing gloves.
- With Venum's esteemed reputation in the world of fitness and combat sports, you can trust that their exceptional quality and resilience will stand up to whatever workout challenge comes your way.

Cons - 

- Don't offer less than 10 ounce

Ringside Pro Training Boxing Gloves

best boxing gloves on the market

The Ringside Pro Training Glove offer excellent hand protection as they feature several layers of added padding around the wrist. Other top features include a leather exterior, and a velcro wrist strap for an extra secure fit; both of which are great for durability if you’re looking for high quality boxing gloves that are sure to last. 

  • Premium Quality Hide Leathers
  • 3-Layer Shock Absorbing Hand Protection
  • Shock Absorbing Wrist & Palm Padding
  • Strap Wrist Closure
  • Sizes available: 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz
  • Colours available: Blue, White, Black, Red
Pros - 

- Moisture Wicking Branded Lining
- Premium Quality Hide Leathers
- Quality padding: is the best on the list

Cons -  - While these boxing gloves may be cost-effective for some, they still might not fit within the financial realm of a beginner's budget.


Thomas "Dazzlin" Doran is a Welsh pro boxer who knows how to pack a punch - and some advice on boxing gloves. His record of 17-1 speaks for itself, but what makes him truly stand out in the ring? He swears by Ringside 16oz & Grants 16 oz for sparring, with his go-to glove being Grants 10oz when fight night comes around.


Bytomic Performer V4 Boxing Gloves


For a decade, the Bytomic Performer Boxing Gloves have reigned as one of boxing's most sought-after pieces of equipment. With each new generation, they get better and better - delivering superior durability with every iteration! The recently released version is no exception to this trend; introducing an innovative mould and enhanced materials for unbeatable performance in the ring.

  • High density injection moulded foam core
  • Durable carbon effect synthetic leather
  • Breathable palm area
  • Embossed wrist patch
  • Designed in the UK
  • Sizes available: 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz
  • Colours available: White, Black, Blue, Red
Pros -  - If you're looking for an exceptional pair of boxing gloves at a great price, look no further!
- Practical, easy hook & loop closure


Reebok Combat Boxing Gloves

Fit for all combat disciplines, Reebok Boxing Gloves are constructed from durable synthetic leather with injection foam padding. The gloves ergonomic design promotes correct punching form with a padded grasp bar and 5 mm gel lining increasing protection and grip.

Reebok's long-running association with UFC came to an end, culminating in a six year stint of exclusive sponsorship that revolutionized the sport. Filled with unforgettable competitions and iconic apparel that will remain in boxing forever.

  • Sizes available from 10 - 16 oz
  • Colours available: Black/Gold, White/Gold
  • 5mm gel shock absorption for protection and comfort at the point of contact
  • Now offering the Reebok 4ft Punch Bag and Boxing Gloves set - £128.00 Sale price £89.60
Pros - 
- Solid in construction; the gloves double wrist strap maximises support with a breathable palm for added ventilation
- Reebok Boxing Gloves are fit for all applications.
- One of the cheapest pairs of boxing gloves
Cons -  - Take a longer time to wear in and get that perfect snug fit
- Simplistic Design (however some may prefer this)
- Lack of colour options
- Could be more breathable for your hand

    Discover the gear of champions! See what gloves world-class female boxers use to perfect their craft and dominate in the ring.

    While it can be difficult to choose the best boxing gloves for beginners, there are a few key factors to remember. First, evaluate the type of padding and wrist support those gloves offer. It is important that the gloves you select prioritize comfort and protection. Secondly, ensure the size of the gloves suits your needs; if they are too large or too small this can lead to punching inaccuracy and reduced protection. Thirdly, pick a pair of boxing gloves suitable to your budget; although more expensive gloves tend to be superior in quality, there are some really great starter options that provide all the necessary elements without breaking the bank.  In conclusion, choosing the right set of boxing gloves for beginners comes down to getting informed about what is available on the market and selecting a pair that fits into both your budget and comfort preferences.

    The Association of Boxing Commissions and Combat Sports is a central governing body for the sport of boxing, setting out all regulations necessary to compete on an even playing field. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your journey into the ring, it's always helpful to brush up on these rules – from equipment specifications like gloves down to strict safety protocols.

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