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No Gi Shorts

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No Gi shorts, also known as BJJ shorts or grappling shorts, are specially designed to allow for maximum range of motion and flexibility during BJJ training and competitions. Unlike traditional athletic shorts, No Gi shorts have a shorter leg length and tight fit, allowing the fighter to move freely without any fabric getting in the way. These shorts also often have reinforced seams and stretchy material to withstand gripping and pulling from an opponent. In addition, BJJ shorts often feature a drawstring waistband for a secure and comfortable fit. Overall, No Gi shorts are an important tool for BJJ fighters, enabling them to effectively execute techniques in their sport.

Fight shorts vs Grappling shorts:

When it comes to No Gi martial arts, there is often confusion about the difference between fight shorts and grappling shorts. While both options are designed for No Gi training, they serve different purposes and have distinct characteristics. Fight shorts, also known as muay Thai shorts, typically have extra room in the legs to allow for kicks and high kicks. They also have a tighter fit around the waist to prevent them from being grabbed during stand up fighting. Grappling shorts, on the other hand, have a looser fit in the legs to allow for a wider range of movement during ground fighting and grappling techniques. They also often have grips on the inside of the waistband to provide more control during ground work. So depending on your No Gi training style and preferences, you may want to consider investing in both types of No Gi shorts for optimal performance.

Fighting and grappling in No Gi competitions requires a different type of shorts than traditional fight shorts. No Gi fighters opt for shorter, tighter shorts that allow for greater range of motion and won't get caught in an opponent's grip. These No Gi shorts are often made from lighter materials such as spandex or lycra that offer less resistance during grappling movements. In addition to being more functional, No Gi shorts also often have bold designs or colours that can be used as visual identifiers during competitions. However, some fighters may still choose to wear traditional fight shorts in No Gi competitions for personal preference or comfort. Ultimately, the choice of fight shorts is up to the individual fighter and what works best for their style and technique.

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Competition rules - Grappling Shorts

When it comes to No Gi competition, fight shorts and grappling shorts are one of the few pieces of gear that a competitor is allowed to wear. However, there are a few restrictions on their design and usage. Fight shorts must be specifically made for grappling or mixed martial arts, and cannot have pockets or metal embellishments. In addition, they must be made of a flexible material such as spandex or lycra, and cannot feature Velcro closures. Grappling shorts, meanwhile, must also be made for No Gi submission grappling competitions and cannot have pockets or metal embellishments. Unlike fight shorts, grappling shorts can also feature drawstrings for adjustable fit. It's important to check with each individual competition's guidelines before purchasing No Gi fight or grappling shorts to ensure they meet all requirements.