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MMA Spats

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MMA spats are specialised athletic wear that MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) athletes use for training and competition. MMA spats offer a full range of motion for athletes, and often include compressive material specifically designed to assist with muscle recovery. They also feature grip or traction details on the inner thighs and knees of the garment to provide excellent mat grip during grappling training or in competition, which helps to avoid some of the potential skin burns that can occur when fighters make contact with the mat. MMA spats are lightweight and usually elastic enough to stretch while maintaining their snug fit, allowing MMA fighters freedom of movement while they train and compete.

Shop MMA spats & leggings at Made4Fighters

Made4Fighters provides the perfect fit for your MMA sessions, no matter what style you're looking for. With a huge selection from top brands like Fumetsu, KingzVenum and more - plus sizes ranging from XS to XXL –you can find the ideal Spats that reflects both who you are and how hard you train! Like these Venum Okinawa 3.0 Spats enabling athletes to perform at their peak, with a polyester blend creating an ultra-lightweight “second skin” effect for unrestricted movements in combat sports. Snug and strong, they boast 81% Polyester that wraps you up with 19% elastane comfort. 

Ready to make a bold statement when you train? Stand out in Scramble BASE's Tiger Camo Spats! The Base Range series has no shortage of style, combining snug fits and modern materials like never before. These MMA spats feature custom-made Scramble camo prints that won't go unnoticed while you grapple your way through the competition. Feel comfortable yet confident wherever martial arts take you– with these eye-catching garments from the Base range atScramble.

Get ready to step into the octagon in style! Our selection of mma apparel has everything you need, from fashionable compression leggings and fight shorts to stylish hoodies and t-shirts. Don't just look good - feel empowered too!