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Kickboxing Clothes & Uniforms

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Kickboxing Trousers and Uniforms

Kickboxing is a stand up martial art focusing on punching and kicking. It developed from a combination of karate and boxing and has morphed into its own unique art form. In recent years kickboxing has gained popularity as both a competitive sport and as a form of exercise, often referred to as cardio kickboxing

While all kickboxing competition is based on a point scoring system, it is somewhat unique in that it is not regulated by a single organization. There are several different organization that all hold kickboxing competitions, each with its own rules and regulations. Kickboxing has also been influential in the rise of MMA. Because of this variety kickboxing uniforms can be different depending on where you practice.

Choosing the Right Kickboxing Trousers

If you want to participate in kickboxing getting a kickboxing uniform or at least a good pair of kickboxing trousers is important. While they may look similar to other athletic gear, kickboxing uniforms are a little different. Kickboxing uniforms need to be tough to hold up to the rigours of training while kickboxing trousers need to allow for a large range of motion.

Kickboxing uniforms are a mix of karate uniforms and boxing shorts. They consist of a kickboxing jacket, usually a pullover V-neck, and kickboxing trousers or shorts. Some styles of kickboxing uniform use Muay Thai shorts, while others include longer kickboxing trousers. While kickboxing trousers are similar in design to karate pants they are made of ultralight material that is flexible and durable rather than traditional cotton canvas.

When picking out kickboxing trouser look for high-quality materials and a good fit. When looking at sizes keep in mind that kickboxing trousers are a little shorter than your normal exercise pants. This will ensure that they don't get in the way while kicking and moving. Look for a proper waist fit and a wide waistband that stays in place. It is also important that your kickboxing uniform is comfortable and doesn't chafe.

Shop High-Quality Kickboxing Trousers and Uniforms

At Made4Fighters we want to help you find the perfect kickboxing uniform so you can train and compete without worrying about your gear. Whether you need kickboxing trousers, a kickboxing jacket, or a whole kickboxing uniform we have you covered. We carry only the best kickboxing uniforms in a range of colours from top quality brands like Bytomic and Top Ten!

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